The Importance of Personal Style

Style. A particular kind, sort, or type, as with reference to form, appearance, or character. 

Personal style is how you identify yourself. Do you like to dress a little edgy or are you more of a bohemian chic kind of gal? Are you extra and do the most or are you into that minimalist look that we all so badly want to replicate on our Instagram feeds? Fashion isn’t just black and white, it is full of colors and beauty. There are so many different scenarios, occasions, and moods to cater to your own style. 

It is amazing to feel self-confident in your own skin and your own sense of fashion. If you want to rock green hair and piercings, go for it! Simply being you and tackling your aesthetic is the best thing you can do for yourself throughout your college years. If you prefer to keep a more timeless approach to things, then that’s cool too. What makes you who you are is what people should focus on in terms of individual style and aesthetic. Personal style is not just about the clothing a woman wears, but it is in everything that she does and it could be ever changing just like our interests and how we live our lives.

We all go through different stages and depending on how we are feeling during these times, we may dress and act differently. Think of it as the phases of the moon. As the universe continues to turn, things are always changing. The moon appears to change its shape and color but it will always be the moon. It just changes how we perceive it from time to time. You will always be yourself no matter how many times you try to spice up your style identity because people tend to stay true to themselves no matter how drastic of a fashion risk they may or may not be taking. 

The best way to find out your personal style is to mix and match different patterns and styles when you go shopping. Pick up things you are intrigued by, even if they make you laugh! Clothing tends to look much different when it's off the hanger or mannequin and on a real body. Look to anything that ignites a creative fire in your brain. If the color of your dog's hair is a perfect balayage of neutral tones then hit your hair stylist up and show her where you got your inspo. It may seem ridiculous at first but you can seriously find something to admire in anything and anyone. I tend to be the type of person who takes parts of other people's styles and personalities and mix it up with my own. One day I could be sporting a super girly outfit that makes me look like Elle Woods and the next, I am hamming it up in the most grunge attire I own. Don't just rock the outfits, wear the attitude to go with it. 


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