I Tried Dallas BBQ & My Taste Buds Haven’t Been the Same

Forget the usual Friday night spot with your friends. After trying Dallas BBQ, you’ll never turn back to the same old American-style restaurant you’re used to. When I’m telling you that this place LITERALLY made me nap two seconds after eating it, I’m dead serious. That’s when you know you ate reeeal good. Here are some of the amazing dishes my boyfriend, his friends and I ate over winter break!

  1. 1. Chicken & Waffles

    “This dish is so overbearing; it’s perfect. That’s what makes it great! The wings are so huge, crunchy and super sweet. The flavoring tastes so homemade and fresh. I think in comparison to generic American food places, other wings are pretty generic. Like I can go out and buy them at any supermarket. Eating at Dallas BBQ tastes so genuine. - Eric

  2. 2. Hennessy Burger

    “Everything about this burger was absolutely perfect. Compared to other burgers, it was so meaty and juicy. It was overdone, it had everything it needed yet still very extreme. It was sweet and juicy but also served hickory, outback moment, cookout perfection. I just remember the Hennessy being thick and giving it an amazing taste throughout the whole burger. If you’re looking for a great atmosphere, I definitely recommend checking this place out.” - Jordy

  3. 3. Classic Cheeseburger

    Like I mentioned earlier, I literally fell asleep after eating this. In the restaurant, on my boyfriend’s shoulder. I completely fell into a food coma! Not to mention the fries were so crispy and cooked absolutely perfect - they had just the right amount of salt. The burger itself was the size of my head. The cheese was melted over the meat and covered it perfectly. I enjoyed every bite and can’t wait to go back!

  4. 4. Barbecue Bacon Cheese Crispy Onion Burger

    “I give it a 10 out of 10. The flavor really hits you on impact with every bite, there’s just a lot going on. The wings are the pinnacle, that’s why Dallas BBQ is Dallas BBQ. Get half and half - the hot wings and sweet ones.” - Jorge

  5. 5. Pulled Pork Burger

    “The pulled pork had such an amazing seasoning - it really made the burger special. The texture was great too, it wasn’t rubbery and it wasn’t hard either. It had a good combo of savoriness and sweetness. The burger was cooked really well, the flavor of it was crazy good. Dipping the fries into the pulled pork sauce just topped everything off - I would definitely eat it again.” - Chris

Next time you visit the city, do yourself a favor and go out to eat at Dallas BBQ with your besties; you won’t regret it!