I Took My First Vacation by Myself & Here’s What Happened

Imagine a day off, where you can lay in bed all day and watch your favorite Netflix series while you eat a whole tub of ice cream. Well, have you ever thought about a whole vacation to yourself? I did, and this is what happened.

Each year for winter break I always make sure to plan to go on a short vacation somewhere warm. However, I always tend to bring along my sisters or ask a friend to join, but this year I switched it up and planned a getaway for just one. Destination: San Diego, California.

This trip was the ultimate me-time experience. I spent my days hiking up mountains, laying out by the pool or by the beach. I worked on my music and did lots of nothing. I was able to do everything and anything at my own pace, waking up whenever and planning everything myself. It was a lot different form when I vacation with friends or family because it’s usually always go-go-go.

Something shocking I even noticed I rarely picked up my phone to go on social media. I usually spend vacations snapping and posting tons of pictures of where I am and what I am doing but this time I didn't. Of course, it can be fun and glamorous vacationing with friends and family, but self-care is very important and sometimes you need a break from everything and everyone to realizing zone in and focus on your metal health and self-care. Vacationing by myself gave myself time to write, to work on music, to just sit and relax and think about what this new year means for me and what are my self-goals and career goals.