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Being there for others is never easy. Yet, we all do it because of some underlying reasons. Partially, that person was there for us previously. Or because you want someone to like you. 

Going through things together or being “in the same boat,” can form friendships. There’s a level of comfort that comes from companionship. 


Sometimes it can be challenging to know where it all starts or where it ends, but that rarely matters. The time spent is what matters the most. 


Do you remember who your first friend was? In pre-school was there a certain kid that you just got along with for no reason? You guys would play together, laugh together and that’s how the day would go. Nothing else really mattered. When we are kids we’re so willing to be everyone’s friend. We don’t think about why we should or why we shouldn’t. Finding different people in your life who bring joy and happiness is one of the most beautiful things. 


So now we ask ourselves as adults; what kind of friends are we? Lecture hall friends? Homework friends? Party friends? Work friends? Or Just friends? 


There seems to always be a line that we don’t identify constantly. Should that matter? 


All I know is that I’m everyone’s friend. I see my friends the same as when I was a kid. If you make me happy we play together and laugh together, nothing else really matters. 


To someone else, I may be their lecture hall friend, homework friend, party friend, work friend, or just a friend. 


At the end of the day, someone belongs to me, and I belong to someone.
I think that’s all we ever really want as kids, adults, humans.  

Allyson Latini

Montclair '20

Allyson is a Senior at MSU studying Jazz with a double major in Marketing. In her free time she enjoys reading, painting, and traveling! She loves stories and fairytales. Everyone has a story to tell, and Allyson loves helping people tell them. “Finding something worth believing in is the closest thing we have to magic, so believe darling.”
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