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I Just Started Watching the Bachelor for the First Time and I’m Not Ok

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

To be honest, I still don’t know everyone’s name; there’s a lot going on, all the time. Whenever The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/Bachelors in Paradise would premiere on TV, I’d listen to it in the background while my sister was glued to the screen. She’s so into the entire franchise, and I never really understood why. This time around, I had no shows left to watch. I just finished binge-watching You and the rest of my fav shows wouldn’t be back until the end of January. So here I am; I started watching this season from the very beginning. Peter’s second shot at finding his true love. And totally not a spoiler alert: this show is a total mess.


For anyone who’s walking into this show just as blind like me, Peter was originally on the last season of The Bachelorette, Hannah’s season. After being left in the dust as one of the final contestants, Peter hasn’t given up on finding  “the one”.


If you’re too lazy to start from Ep. 1, or just need a laugh, here are some of the highlights and ridiculous moments so far from this season’s The Bachelor. Mostly Hannah Ann coming for everyone’s brand.


The Hilarious Feuds

Now, we all know that at the end of the day, this is a competition. There are so many different personalities onset and some cattiness is bound to happen. Only three episodes in, and there are already a numerous amount of feuds boiling up, and over the most unbelievable reasons! But if there wasn’t any tea, what kind of reality show is it? A boring one. Let’s admit it, we all love that feeling of watching the shadiness go down.


1. “Stealing Time” Away From Others

There are literally 30 women at the beginning of the show. The chances of Peter remembering each and every one? Very slim. So if you make a crappy first impression or don’t even get enough time to talk to him the first night, you’re going home. During the first episode, Hannah Ann stole Peter away three times. THREE TIMES! Many ladies didn’t talk to him at all that night because of her constant interruptions. Shiann wasn’t having it, though. She confronted Hannah Ann but didn’t exactly receive the response she was hoping for. She responded politely and understood how Shiann felt rather than arguing with her. This caught her off guard, then she walked off and started crying.



But — that’s just how the game is played. This isn’t the last time Hannah Ann uses her “niceness” as a defense tactic.


2. #ChampagneGate

Kelsey was so ready for some time with Pilot Peter – she had an entire set up for them: a beautiful evening with her special champagne, all the way from her hometown Des Moines. She was saving this bottle for a special occasion, what’s a better moment than sharing it with your potential future hubby? BUT NO, Hannah Ann had other plans. She stole Kelsey’s sentimental moment “unknowingly” and popped the bottle with Peter. 



After Peter comforted her, she finally had her chance to speak to him… but it blew up in her face, literally.


Kelsey confronted Hannah Ann, calling her calculated, “Miss Innocent”, and a b*tch. But Hannah Ann apologized and she stuck to her mature ways. She claimed to be unaware of Kelsey’s plans and brushed it off, leaving Kelsey to look like an absolute drama queen. You’d think this would be settled that night, but of course not, what’s the fun in that?! At the very end of the second episode, Hannah Ann told Peter everything that went down, causing tension between Kelsey and Peter.


3. Killing Each Other’s Confidence

From the very beginning of The Bachelor, Victoria F. struggled with her confidence. In episode three, the ladies were given a modeling challenge to complete. Victoria finally felt confident and in control to stand out from the crowd. Her and Hannah Ann were the finalists – when they challenged head to head, the insecurities came crawling back.


Hannah Ann took up the stage presence by swaying her dress in front of Victoria and walking the runway much longer. But do we blame her? It is a competition for Peter’s heart, after all.


4. Who’s Here For The Wrong Reasons?

Alayah. Look at THIS SMIRK.


Sydney’s resting b*tch face is meeeee. I love people who are transparent and super real, and that’s exactly what Sydney is. Alayah claims that she’s not as innocent as she portrays herself since she is a former pageant girl. Allegedly, she has a “wild side”, but Sydney isn’t falling for her games. When she exposed Alayah for acting fake in front of the cameras, all hell broke loose. After warning Peter about her shady moves, other girls joined in on exposing her. Thankfully, she got booted off the show during the rose ceremony… but that doesn’t mean we’ll see the last of her. 



Honorable Mentions


1. Hannah Showing up… Twice


So unnecessary, yet so shocking. Peter really put all the other ladies to the side like that at the very beginning of the season, just to spend time with ex Hannah. And then considering bringing her into the house?!


2. These Awkward Mispronunciations


Literally, how? HOW. The fact that nobody spoke about this on the show, but Twitter went off on these ladies is absolutely hysterical.


3. That One Girl Who Thought She Was Special Because She’s a Flight Attendant



Contestant Eunice “flew in” with some angel wings, assuming that being a flight attendant would give her some edge on the competition. Then another three girls walk in with the same job description… thunder: stolen.


The Bachelor has a lot going on, and although producers are happy to say that they do interfere with the show’s production, the episodes are fun to watch; we love to see it. This season isn’t even halfway done yet, there are many more stories left to unfold. Like Alayah’s story, this isn’t the last of it. But for now,

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