I Got My Nipples Pierced in a Foreign Country

Before I pierced my nipples, I wanted to do so for years but I was always too scared. When I finally decided to do it, I watched way too many YouTube videos and read way too many articles. Here is my honest experience, from picking out the right nipple jewelry to holding my throbbing boobies the whole way home and then aftercare.

It was August 2018 and I was visiting my parents who had just moved to Colombia when the cousin who always corrupts me picked me up. She had managed to convince me to get my nipples pierced after we finished getting manicures. My cousin had one nipple pierced and encouraged me to do so at the same place she did because she trusted their work.

When I got to the piercing/tattoo shop I was super nervous but then ecstatic. They had a Friday discount on piercings and the currency exchange from dollars to pesos is phenomenal, so I literally got my nipples pierced for a bit under twenty dollars! Then came the part I was most speculative about, jewelry. I have super sensitive skin and I am allergic to a lot of metals. I made sure to consult a piercer before and was recommended titanium. It has been over half a year and I can confidently say I chose the right jewelry for my needs.

My experience was as comfortable as getting needles shoved through your nipples could ever be. One of the women who worked at the shop gave me a robe and told me to take off all the clothes on my upper body. The owner of the shop was going to be the one piercing my nipples but even he made sure that my chair was turned away from all the other men for my own comfort. First, he did my right nipple which honestly did not hurt half as much as I thought it would. My right nipple was also a fabulous one and did not bleed. The left nipple was a completely different experience, not only did it hurt but it bled and even ruined the bra I wore!

The piercer and my cousin said I took it like a champ. My fear of needles is really all in my head, I have a pretty high pain tolerance. The whole way home I was cupping both my boobs because my cousin told me that if I put pressure on them they would feel better. I have no clue if this was true, but I could not stop cursing at my nipple and exhaling trying to calm myself down. Once I got home after about a forty-minute car drive I felt surprisingly better. I layered a regular bra with a comfy sports bra without padding for support. I totally recommend this because I went rollerskating with my little cousins not even two hours later and was not in any pain.

I can totally say the temporary pain of getting your nipples pierced is worth it. I have super sensitive skin and have not had any problems. My boobs are not exactly big so these piercings really boost my confidence, I love my cute little decorated boobies!

Today I am super comfortable without a bra on. Most times I go out, whenever it is appropriate, I opt out of wearing bras and enjoy the way my jewelry looks.