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I Did Not Think Senior Year Was Going to Be This Stressful

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

Do you know those movies and tv shows that make it seem as though your senior year of college is just going to be a breeze? The ones that just show the students going to parties every night and getting drunk in their dorm rooms with their friends? 

Well so far, my senior year has not been anything like that in the slightest. The first month of my senior year has just been filled with tears, ongoing emotional breakdowns and long nights of homework. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few nights I’ve gone out with friends to bars and danced the night away at a club or two, but those came to a screeching halt the minute school work started to pile in. 

Now I know the school year just started and I’m probably being a total drama queen, but I honestly did not think senior year was going to be this hard. Trying to maintain a good GPA while trying to do extracurricular activities and hang out with friends is honestly the struggle.

Don’t even get me started on the homework. I really think my professors just come together and decide to make all of my assignments due on the same day just to make my life even harder than it is. The amount of homework I had just my first week of the semester had me sobbing every single night, not even kidding. 

I know it’s only been a month and I have practically a whole year to get through, but hopefully, my senior year will ease up a little bit. All I have to do is make it until graduation in May with as little emotional scarring as possible and then I’ll be able to say I made it through the toughest year of my college career! 

So if your senior year isn’t meeting movie-magic expectations – don’t let it get you down. In reality, college is hard and senior year has the potential to be the hardest. Don’t let your expectations stress you out even more. Take time for yourself and power through it. You’ll be graduating before you know it.


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