How You Can Give Back to Women This Holiday Season

If you didn’t know, there is quite the makeup craze going on right now. Each week new products are coming to the market or are being announced for future release. Now, let’s be real… We all have a little too much makeup and some of it is stuff that hasn’t been used in a while or at all! Yeah, I know you’ll use it one day but, wouldn’t you rather give it to women in need? Then, you can go buy a new product to replace the one you just donated.

Women’s shelters around the country need cosmetics items. There are projects and foundations (some may be your match) that have set out to make women feel beautiful again. Many of the women at these shelters are there due to abuse, addiction, poverty or because they lost everything. These women mention how it feels when they are able to put makeup on again and it brings back the confidence they thought they lost. It gives them hope to try again, even though they are in a tough situation and don’t feel like the powerful, amazing women they are!

Here are some of the groups that have set out to collect new or gently used makeup to give to women who need it:

Project Beauty Share

Project Beauty share is located in Spokane, WA. They collect personal hygiene, cosmetics and beauty products that they distribute to other non-profit organizations. If you don’t have any unused products, there are other ways you can donate, either by sending money inor loading up a box and sending it over to them!

They do have guidelines on what you can give and what not to give (nothing with wands due to sanitation purposes)! They are open to accepting most items and gently used are welcome but, please follow the guidelines on their website.

Beauty Bus Foundation

Beauty Bus Foundation is located in Santa Monica, CA. They originally got their start when the founder of the company’s sister, became homebound due to a degenerative neuromuscular disease. The family started scheduling nail, makeup and facial appointments to the home so that it would help lift her spirits. It completely changed her mood even though she was battling a disease. After her sisters passing, the family created Beauty Bus Foundation to give others in that position the same experience and make things a little easier for those who are home or hospital bound.

Beauty Bus only accepts sealed, unopened makeup and you can ship it right to them! If you don’t have any unsealed makeup but want to still get involved and are in the Santa Monica area, you can volunteer!

Contacting Local Shelters in Your Area

There are many shelters in the area and often times, they are looking for beauty product donations. By taking a quick second to research organizations in your area, you could call and see if they need anything. Many of them will accept what you can give and even tell you about volunteer opportunities!

Keeping these organizations in mind, here are a few things that are most requested by women and other organizations:

1. Tampons and pads

Shelters are always asking for this because it is something that all women should have when having their period. It is something that is at the top of the list for women.

2. Toothpaste

3. Foundation/ Concealer

4. Deodorant

5. Shampoo and conditioner

Thank you for taking time to think of women in need! Whether it's just because they fell on hard times or are dealing with a disease, every woman deserves to feel beautiful.