How To Wear Your Warm-Weather Clothes in the Winter

The winter season means it’s time for catching snowflakes, drinking hot chocolate, warm coats and months of cold weather. However, the chilly winter wind doesn’t automatically force us to say goodbye to our favorite fall, spring and summer clothing until the weather gets warm again. Here are some tips for how to wear your favorite warm-weather pieces under your coat in the winter without freezing. 

Short sleeve t-shirts

With the right layering techniques, you can easily rock your short sleeve t-shirts in the winter. Wear a short sleeve t-shirt with a long-sleeved flannel and jeans for a cool, edgy look or with a long, warm cardigan for a girlier or more bohemian style. 

Camis and tank tops

Instead of putting away all your camis and tank tops this winter, wear them over fitted long sleeve tops with high necklines for a fun layered look with a 90s influence. This look is all about contrast, so have fun with it! Whether you want to wear a black cami over a white turtleneck or a red tank top over a yellow mock neck, the possibilities are endless.

Crop tops

While crop tops scream summer, the right pair of pants can make them appropriate and stylish for winter. Plenty of stores sell super high-waisted jeans, trousers and leggings that you can pair with your favorite crop tops. Not only will the combination of a short top with high-waisted pants keep your stomach warm, but this look will also make your legs appear longer. If the crop top is sleeveless or has short sleeves, wear it under a cardigan or flannel for more warmth.


With the right styling techniques, you can wear various types of skirts in the winter. Floor-length maxi skirts are already long enough to keep you warm, so all you’ll have to do is match them with the right long sleeve shirts, and you’ll be good to go. Shorter skirts such as pencil skirts, denim skirts and circle skirts will require more layering. Wear these types of skirts with tights and knee-high boots for a sexy, feminine look or with black leggings and booties for another cute style. Be sure to choose the right sweater or long sleeve top to complete the look.

Ripped jeans

You can keep your legs warm and add even more texture to your ripped jeans by wearing tights or leggings under them. On days that aren’t too cold, tights will look sexy and stylish under your ripped jeans. For colder days, leggings also look great under ripped jeans. Black leggings look effortlessly edgy under distressed jeans, but you can also get creative with this look by wearing leggings the same color as your shirt under ripped jeans. Patterned leggings under ripped jeans with a solid-color top can also add more personality to your outfit.

If you don’t want your favorite short sleeve t-shirts, camis, tank tops, crop tops, skirts and ripped jeans to sit in the back of your closet for the next few months, follow these suggestions to start planning your winter wardrobe. Just don’t forget your winter coat and gloves, and these tips will help you stay warm but still look hot this winter!