How to Wear Your Hair with Any Outfit

Choosing outfits and styling them with the right accessories, jewelry, and makeup is stressful enough... then add in picking the right hairstyle, it can be tough! With all the constant hair trends out there (up, down, braids, buns, etc.) it is hard to decide what hairstyle will complement different outfits. But no worries! Here are some tips to help you choose the right do!


Wearing your hair down is always a nice and feminine style. When it comes to floral dresses, button-down blouses, and lace – down and flowing is almost always the best way to keep the girly vibes going, especially if you have long hair. Short hair, like cropped and bob haircuts, also looks great with many styles such as halter and off-the-shoulder tops.


Ponytails are an easy way to get the hair out of your face! Since they expose your face and neck, ponytails are usually great to pull off when you are wearing some makeup rather than bare-faced. They look very sleek with chokers or statement necklaces. When wearing tops with cutouts, fun straps, and necklines, or athletic-style sporty looks, a ponytail is usually the best way to go!


Braids are very on-trend! There are many different ways to wear them (the side braid, pigtail, fishtail, french, dutch) and they all look good with various looks. A side braid is a nice and simple style that looks great with long sweaters, scarves, and boho style outfits. Pigtail and Dutch braids are cute and fun for casual looks such as sporty tanks and rompers. French braids are elegant and look great with dressier styles. You can go on Youtube and find a braid for almost every occasion!


Buns are cute and lots of fun! The stereotypical “bunhead” is seen and celebrated everywhere now! This style can be messy or formal, and people typically tend to use one or the other extreme when rocking this look. A messy bun can look great with a cute t-shirt and leggings, while a neater bun will look lovely with a fancy dress or girly skirt!


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