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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

If you guys have been following any type of media recently, I’m sure you’re aware of the current crisis in Australia. These massive wildfires have been present in Australia since early July- that’s right July. Mainly caused by droughts, heatwaves, dry lightning, climate changes, and even some arsonists. So far at least 28 people have died and over 3,000 homes have been destroyed, and that’s just people. 


Australian wildlife has been greatly affected by these bush fires. About half a billion animals have been affected by the fires across NSW, with millions likely dead. Almost a third of koalas in NSW may have been killed in the fires, and a third of their habitat has been destroyed, said Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley according to CNN


Although many of us live miles and miles away from Australia there are still ways we can help without flying there to volunteer. To help affected families and individuals, donations can be made to Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army Australia, the NSW Rural Fire Service, and St. Vincent de Paul Society Australia.


If you want to focus your attention and money on the affected wildlife you can donate to the Australia Emergency Rescue Fund. This organization actually rescues the animals that are displaced by these fires. You can also symbolically adopt a Koala or a Kangaroo through the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia. You can do this for either $25, $55, $100- each adoption kit is a little hit different depending on how much you pay. Most people opt for the $55 or $100 because those are the kit that includes the plush version of the animal you adopt. However, the Koala kits are on backorder so if you want to adopt an animal and get the kit faster go for the Kangaroo. 


If you really want to have a hand on helping experience in Australia you are able to volunteer at an animal sanctuary but this is the most expensive way to help the cause. You can, however, do this for up to four weeks- it is a minimum of one week, but the longer you are there the more expensive it is. But what is included with your volunteering is dorm-style living (includes Wi-Fi, and laundry), three meals a day, getting picked up at the airport and working amongst trained professionals. Also, you will have the experience of a lifetime. 


If a lot of us take even the simplest action like a donation we can do so much for the people and animals of Australia. Something as simple as sparing $10 can do so much for those in need; together we can extinguish the Australian wildfires.

Lydia Parker is currently a Seniorr here at Montclair State studying as an English major; who is also currently getting her Masters in Education. Like any other college girl she loves going out with friends, but also just staying in and binge-watching Netflix; specifically horror or Disney movies. Writing has always been a favorite hobby of hers, she even enjoys writing essays for school. I know, crazy right? Anyways, she's really excited to be writing for this magazine, and being another outlet for the powerful voices that women have.
Lauren Clemente recent graduate from Montclair State University who studied Communication and Media Arts. She held the role of President and Co-Campus Correspondent, as well as Editor-in-Chief at Her Campus Montclair. She loves all things to do with content creation, fashion + beauty and traveling the world.