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How to Turn Your Love For Travel Into a Career

I’m sure we have all had that moment where we’re scrolling through Instagram looking at a blogger on a luxurious trip on an island in the Caribbean and thought to ourselves “I wish I could do that for a living.” Now’s your chance to turn that dream into a reality with the help of full time travel publicist, freelance travel writer, and content creator, Lindsay Paige Stein. 

While stuck in quarantine, Lindsay decided to start posting Tik Toks of some of her past travel experiences. Not soon after, her trip to the Maldives went viral and she was instantly flooded with comments and messages asking various questions about her career and how they could get started to follow in her footsteps. That’s when the idea hit her to start an online course to help college students and recent grads turn a passion for travel into their dream job. 

The Roundtrip Collective was designed to give members full access to all the tips and tools they need to land a job in the travel industry. As soon as you pay the one-time fee you instantly have access to the course content, templates, PDF guides, and a private Facebook group where all members are able to interact with each other. Lindsay also features another travel industry pro once a month, so you are able to gain even knowledge from an extra perspective.  It isn’t every day that you are able to dive into an extensive course or have an amazing mentor like Lindsay. There has never been a better time to start something like this since we are spending so much free time at home. 

Finding a job is hard enough these days and taking this course could help members stand out in a pool of applicants. Lindsay frequently updates the site with job and internship availability making it so much easier to see what travel career options are out there right now. You can even sign up to get emails sent to you with new job listings. Additionally, this allows everyone to navigate through the industry as a whole and see exactly what they think the right fit for them may be whether it is public relations or travel writing and what kind of company they could see themselves at. 

None of this is information that you would learn in one of your undergrad courses and it is an excellent way to impress future employers. These past few weeks Lindsay has shared updates from members who landed their dream jobs in the travel industry. This is proof that the course works and gets you ready for the next step in your career. 

Although travel is not as frequent right now, with a COVID vaccine on the horizon people will be packing their bags and getting right back on an airplane as soon as they can and the industry will be busier than ever. If this seems like a career path you are interested in head over to @RoundtripCollective on Instagram or theroundtripcollective.com to join!

Carly Kinahan

Montclair '20

Carly Kinahan is a junior at Montclair State University majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. She is a Contributing Writer as well as Social Media Director. She loves to travel the world and spend time with her friends and family. Instagram: carlykinahan
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