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In my experience, a lot of weddings happen during the fall time, and it can be hard not knowing what to wear. I have been to a handful of weddings, two of which I was a bridesmaid in. There are many times where the dress code isn’t made extremely clear, or it is with words such as “black tie,” but many people don’t know what that means. With these tips, you will be prepared for any weddings you may be attending, not only in the fall, but in any season.

  1. Black Tie Attire

This is technically not the most formal attire for a wedding but would probably be the fanciest the majority of people would go. If an invitation says this attire, that means it is going to be a more formal event. This means floor-length gowns paired with your nice jewelry and more formal heels or flats. If you’re being accompanied by a male date, a tuxedo would be the best option for him, or anyone who prefers to wear that attire.

  1. Formal 

There’s not much to say about this category since it is very similar to black tie attire, at least for anyone wearing a gown. The only difference is that ankles can now be shown. However, the stress of getting a tux is no longer needed, as black suits are now acceptable.

  1. Semi- Formal 

For a semi-formal wedding, nice dresses and attire should be worn, but nothing that will break your bank account. A cocktail style dress is okay to wear paired with nice jewelry and your choice of heels or nice flats. For a day wedding make sure to wear lighter colors, but darker colors should be worn at night. A dressier jumpsuit would also be appropriate for this type of wedding, as well. Just make sure to not wear a floor length dress since those are meant for more formal occasions. Men should still be wearing suits but can get more creative with color and don’t have to stick to just black. This attire is also very similar to cocktail attire, however, cocktail attire is a little dressier and allows for some more length in the dress, as long as it is, again, not floor length.

  1. Casual

Casual weddings are probably the easiest to dress for. You most likely have something in your closet already so you don’t need to worry about buying anything. A sun dress would be appropriate to wear with wedges or sandals that are on the nicer side. Men can wear a polo or a button down shirt and chinos or slacks, no blazer or tie needed. Just remember that it is a wedding so even though it says casual, you should still dress up a little bit.

Worrying about whether you’re dressed properly should not be a concern on a day as exciting as a wedding. Focus on wearing something that is comfortable and easy to dance the night away in. Chances are your outfit is perfect for the wedding!

Shannon Egan

Montclair '22

Shannon is a Senior at Montclair State University majoring in Fashion studies. When she’s not in class or doing her assignments she can be seen styling new outfits, watching Netflix, practicing makeup looks, or hanging out with friends. She will be focusing on writing about fashion and beauty and is excited to share her knowledge on it.
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