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That time of year is quickly approaching… yes, the one where couples are out and about, going on cute dates, hand in hand with a PDA overload. Unfortunately, it’s a very sad time for couples who are long distance, but it shouldn’t be the reason we don’t get to celebrate. 

What will we do? Here are some things you can do to spice up your Valentine’s Day while miles away:


Luckily we live in the time of smartphones where we have access to a wide range of communications. Video calls are super convenient because you get to not only talk to one another but see each other, too! While it may not be the same as being together in person, it’s better than nothing at all. Imagine if we lived in the era of pay phones?! OH NO. Spice up the video call by setting up a dinner or lunch on each end. It will help if both parties had access to the same meal because it will make it feel like you’re both out together! A little Lady and the Tramp moment, anyone? 


This is something my boyfriend and I found since he’s been away in the Army, and it has been a LIFESAVER! As avid music listeners, a lot of what we do is going on long drives to absolutely nowhere, listening to our favorite songs. Sadly, it isn’t something we could do so many miles apart from each other. Luckily, if you have Spotify Premium, you can share a link with your partner and both of you are able to control the volume and change the songs. The best part is you can do this while on FaceTime! Now you can have yourselves a little dance party no matter where you are. 


You can send each other a cute care package with one another’s favorite things. Etsy has a lot of cool and creative gifts you can get your S/O. You can also find unique print outs that can be used to decorate the box you send to them. Not only are you supporting a small business, but you’re getting a one of a kind gift they’ll keep forever! 

These are just a few ideas on what you can do with your S/O to have fun this Valentine’s Day! Who said distance had to stop the fun?

Arieliz Ramos

Montclair '23

I'm Arieliz and I'm a student at Montclair State University. Fashion & Beauty enthusiast. Harry Styles lover. Coffee Addict.