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How to Stay True to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every year we tend to hear the same exact thing, “I’m going to follow through with my New Year’s resolutions”. Let’s be real, does anyone really stay true to the resolutions they set for for themselves during the year? Staying true to your New Year’s resolutions can be a little difficult for some, but here are a few tips to make staying true to your New Year’s resolutions a little bit easier!

Don’t Go over the Top with Your Resolutions

We are all guilty of creating a long list of resolutions we plan on accomplishing during the new year. Our lists usually consist of 50 resolutions that we believe will make the new year better for us. When it comes to setting your New Year’s resolutions, you have to remember that the best and easiest resolutions are the ones that are the most reasonable! 

Keep a Journal

A great way to keep track of the resolutions you accomplish is to keep a journal. Writing down all of the resolutions that have been completed will help you feel even more accomplished and will persuade you to keep up the trend of staying true to your New Year’s resolution. 

Don’t Focus on the End Result

When deciding what your New Year’s resolutions will be, many people tend to only think of the end result and not consider the work it takes to get to that end result. There have been times when I have set New Year’s resolutions and do not realize how much work my resolutions actually take since I was only focused on the end result. Make your life easier and only set a New Year’s resolution if you know you are capable of putting in the actually work.

Know Your Limits

I know this might sound pretty vague, but knowing your limits is very important when you start thinking of New Year’s resolutions. Come up with resolutions that you know will not take a physical, mental, or emotional toll. New Year’s resolutions are supposed to help you better yourself, so put down resolutions you know you can accomplish to the best of your ability.

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