How to Revamp Your Instagram

Instagram has become a huge part of my daily routine this past year. I switched gears and turned my plain profile into a hobby within months. I wanted to be consistent and create a cute theme through my photos. I deleted my page, took new pictures, and found new editing apps. Here are the steps I took on revamping my Instagram.

How do I start?

Step back for a second. What does your feed look like? Start from the beginning and scroll all the way down; whether you’re that person who has 500 pictures or 10 pictures, it’s good to get rid of irrelevant photos. Is your feed all over the place? Delete the pictures that are least important to you. Delete pictures that have Snapchat filters, overly edited pics from 2015, or that one picture from a high school party you didn’t even want to go to. Find a flow within the pictures you currently have and go from there. If you’re feeling courageous, start back at square one — delete everything.

What should I even post about?

In the beginning, I had such a hard time finding what to post about. I was too in my head about what people would like the most. Sometimes I’d go weeks without posting because I felt like my life was way too uneventful to post consistently. In reality, it’s only uneventful because I make it that way. No one was holding me against my will and telling me not to do cool things. With that being said, go explore and go out with friends to new places! Whether it’s a new food spot, an event, or just shopping. You’re bound to find a cute picture to snap, especially if you step out of your boundaries and go to different cities and new places.

What look should I go for?

Honestly, picking a theme can be a little tricky; it’s all about personal taste. Depending on the app you use, you can test out a couple of different filters and play around with them until you find the right one. Some people only do a black and white theme, others do pastels, and some go completely unfiltered. The key is to stay on the same boat in order to have your posts flow. If I were to post fifteen black and white picture and one natural post afterward, it would look out of place. If you’re looking to change your theme, slowly transition using colors in between, in order to have a cute flow.

How can I edit my photos?

I use six apps, though the number of apps I use on each photo varies, depending on what it is. I use Instagram, Snapseed, UNUM, VSCO, Facetune, and the Photos app.


Instagram on its own can be used to edit photos. It has many filters and editing features. I mainly use it to sharpen images, rotate, or change the skew of the photo.

Snapseed (FREE)

Snapseed is such a lifesaver. It brightens select portions of the photos and airbrushes without being too harsh and noticeable.


The only reason why I’m so consistent and know how to arrange my posts is because of UNUM. It tracks your insights (how many likes, comments, best hours to post, etc). It also has personalized reminders so you never forget to post. UNUM can switch around your future posts so you can see what will best suit your layout.


Almost everyone who edits pictures knows about this app. I use it to go through filters; sometimes I sharpen or use the grain feature too.

FaceTune ($3.99)

I originally installed this in high school and never used it then redownloaded it after I watched James Charles FaceTune tricks. I only use it to make my highlighter and lip gloss pop, but it also features teeth whitening, skin smoothing, reshaping, and much more.

Apple Photos 

Currently, I’ve been using the Apple photos app and using those filters. Some people forget these exist.

I took in this experience as a new hobby. It’s so much fun lying in bed and just playing around with all of the endless possibilities (and lowkey avoiding homework). If you want to improve your Instagram page, look over it and go from there. Also, take chances — go out with friends and explore for new pictures whether it’s a ten-minute drive or a thirty-minute train ride into the city. Find your aesthetic, try the apps I listed or try others and discover your favorite.