How to Make Your Dorm Room Go from Basic to HGTV

Do you keep waking up in the same, dull, boring dorm room every day? Are you tired of it? Here is how to make your dorm from go from basic to HGTV.

First things first, start with a theme or an idea of how you want your room to look and feel like. Neutral hipster vibes are a big trend for dorm rooms this year. It's easy to find things that match and you'll feel like a VSCO girl. A rug is a necessity. So, go out and buy a rug, and maybe two more rugs, different sizes and different colors and patterns. Believe it or not, having a rug in your dorm can add to the aesthetic and also give you more of a homey touch. Target launched their Magnolia line, and it is filled with perfect rugs and other aesthetically pleasing items for your dorm room. 

Next, you can add some pieces of art. Whether it's an abstract, map, or picture of a plant, it fills up the empty spaces on your walls. You’ll also need some extra storage, like a copper side table to hold your coffee mugs, your matcha tea bags, nail polishes, or your skincare routine. You’ll need Command Stripes to hang things up, but those white hooks are kinda bland, so go for the gold Command Strip hooks. The small things always matter.

The number one go-to thing for your dorm is plants. Real or faux, plants offer the right touch that livens up the room, make it cozy, and are the main thing that turns it from boring ol’dorm room to the ‘I can’t wait to go back to my dorm’ feeling. I would stick to sedums, they're easy to take care of and don't shed, and they last a while. Whole Foods has a great selection or some eucalyptus plants to put in a colorful vase. Faux vines are a great way to not only fill the empty space on the walls and make your photos look straight out of an Urban Outfitters magazine, but they're fun. You can get some from Urban Outfitters. Lastly, add some fun pillows, but keep it neutral with colors like beige, grey, cream, and white. 

When you're all set and done, waking up in the morning will become more exciting and having a positive aroma in your dorm room will help with your daily mood.