How to Have Fun When You’re Broke AF

Imagine you have finally made it to the weekend after a long and exhausting week packed with assignments. You’ve somehow managed to get everything accomplished, and you actually have a little time on a Friday or Saturday evening to have fun. But, your bank account says otherwise. Have no fear, there’s always a way to have fun no matter what your budget is.

Host a Bob Ross Party

Everyone has heard Bob Ross’s calming voice teaching everyone how to paint. If you can get ahold of some paint and canvas (maybe by ordering online or borrowing from the art department or a friend) you can follow along. If you don't have paint, try drawing or coloring it. If you don't feel like following along at all, his voice is a great destresser.

Have a Night In

The easiest way to save money is to not spend it. Have a night in with the girls and watch movies. If someone has Netflix and someone else has Hulu have a night where everyone switches accounts and watch your favorite shoes. Make some popcorn, maybe buy cheap face masks and just chill with the gals.

Explore the Nearest Town

Wherever your school is, there's bound to be a town nearby. Get on the bus or an Uber/Lyft and head to the nearest town. Maybe bring a camera and take cute pics. This is a great opportunity to explore the town you’ll be in for the next 4 years. Maybe get involved with community events, check out the local shops. Maybe you can even find some cheap college swag downtown.

Order Food In

Take out is a perfect way to have a good time. If you don't have a car on campus, you might want to get food from a restaurant without eating at the restaurant. Ordering in can be a great way to have a fun night in. Get the gang together and order from multiple restaurants and share your food. This is a spectacular way to try new food too. There are also many great apps that will give college students discounts for ordering food.

Dorm Room Cooking Parties

The dining halls on campus offer great opportunities to make food, but you might not see them. You can take things from the dining hall and cook with them. Grab from Rice Krispies and steal some marshmallows and butter to make rice krispies. Get brown sugar and borrow an egg and flour from someone and make come cookie dough. There are plenty of great options that go underrated.

Scope Out Campus Events

Every campus is loaded with events to participate in. Some campuses even have groups that hold events during the weekends, sure to give you something fun to do! Look into campus papers or apps to find awesome events to do (PS, most give out freebies or food).

Go to the Recreation Center

Going to the campus gym/rec center is typically free and a great way to have fun. A lot of campuses also have video games or movies at the recreation center so go play a round of Mario Kart with a friend.

Host a Game Night

There's bound to be the friend in the group that came to school with games of some sort. Cards Against Humanity, Uno, and regular decks of cards are common and easy to find and great ways to have fun. Another cool thing is to learn card games with your friends or, even better, learn a new card game online.

College can be very stressful and it's important to know where your budget lies and have fun when you can. Remember to take a break every once and awhile and enjoy your time. After all, you're only young once.