How to Have a Fun October When You’re in College

When you’re in college, October falls right in the middle of the fall semester. September, it’s eh, November is a steep slope to finals, but October? That’s right in the middle when you have to keep your grades up and keep on top of things so you’re not in trouble later on.

That means you’re usually busy, which sucks, because October is a month filled to the brim with fun activities. Both seasonal and holiday. It seems like such a waste to miss out. But hold on! Follow these three tips and I promise you’ll be able to get the most out of this wonderful month.

Make a short, specific list.

There are tons of things to do during this month: apple picking in the first half, autumnal hikes in the second, costume parties here and there, horror nights and scary mazes every weekend. With pumpkin picking, pie baking, leaf collecting, costume shopping, Oktoberfest’s, and horror movie marathon’s—the possibilities are endless.

Now, for college students, this can get overwhelming, because you want to do all of these things but don’t have the time. So, you’re solution is to create a tiny, specific list of what you want to do. Pick between pumpkin or apple picking, prioritize your favorite activities, and don’t overload yourself. Don’t worry, there will be more October’s. If you don’t go to a horror maze this year, you can always go next year.

Be innovative with your tricks and treats.

Great news! You’re in college. Bad news! You’re too old to trick or treat now—but that’s okay, because being an adult means you can have treats whenever you want. Instead of knocking on neighborhood doors, begin the tradition of making your own snacks. This “So Yummy!” video is very popular, which means there’s a likely chance you’ve seen these ideas before, but they are some of the easiest snacks to make. And again, you’re in college, you’re probably short on time; it’s a win win.

Also, if you find yourself unable to get to a Fright Fest, bring the fright to you! Throw your own Halloween party, it doesn’t have to be huge. Carving pumpkins together can count as a party, and I’m positive people would be thrilled to pull out pumpkin guts instead write their papers. Oh, one more thing. I can think of no better place to play a gigantic game of manhunt than on a college campus. (Stay safe though, pick a specific area and stay within the boundaries. Montclair State has one too many sudden drops.) The ideas are endless, just get your creative juices flowing.

Sometimes simple is best.

At the end of the day, if none of this works out, don’t panic. Wanting the picturesque, perfect October is not a strange thing—especially at Montclair State. We’re located in a nice area, near the city, surrounded by trees that turn all different shades of red. But with our schedules, things don’t always work out,and that is fine!

One of the best ways to have October fun, is by doing nothing big at all. Take a quick trip down to a pastry shop for some cinnamon sugar donuts. Sit outside in the autumn sun with some tea and read a book or browse social media. Grab a bunch of candy, a caramel apple or two, invite all your friends over, and have a horror movie marathon! And yes, I know what you’re thinking, “I can do that whenever.” Well listen up, you can’t have a true horror movie marathon, without Pumpkin Marshmallow Peeps and those are only on sale right now.

Live your spooky, pumpkin-flavored dreams my friends!