How to Economically Prepare for Christmas

The end of the year is always priciest for most of us because of all the holidays. From Halloween costumes to Thanksgiving dinners and catching up with friends and family to lastly the most anticipated holiday, Christmas. Christmas is a great time of the year but can sometimes be dreadful because all the money we spend trying to do the most we can for our loved ones. In this article I hope to help you ladies save money by introducing you to some smart money saving tips.

Make a shopping list

Lists are my best friend because I love feeling organized (even though sometimes I color code things and then forget to do them) YIKES! But if you utilize list making correctly for the holidays, you are sure to save yourself some time and money. Making sure you don’t forget anyone you wanted to buy a gift for last minute can help set you up to know just about how much you’ll be spending! Also if you go into the mall with a list of the things you plan on gifting you’ll be less likely to spend abruptly.

Look for sales

This one is self explanatory but many still don’t do so. Buying Christmas gifts around Thanksgiving can really help you save money in the long run, as well as last minute shopping stress!

Eat at home

Most of the money I spend is on food. Sometimes it can feel easier to just skip breakfast at home and go to Dunkin. So what happens when you spend $5 at Dunkin three times a week before class? That is about $60 a month! This is excluding all social outings with your friends during the weekends, those fast food runs, and everything in between. Try to be disciplined till the end of the year and eating at home. Not only will your pockets thank you but your body will too!

List of recurring expenses

Another list? Well duh! Making lists is truly what saves me and works best for me so it is what I recommend. Making a list of necessary expenses you make each month can help you put that money aside sooner. Then once that is out of the way what is left over can be spent on Christmas gifts without having to worry. First separate the money you spend each month on personal bills, such as: your cell phone bill, Netflix, Apple Music, a gym membership, etc.

The key to going into the New Year economically thriving is to be your smartest self during the holiday season. Enjoy, shop away, but be aware about it by pacing yourself and making smart choices.