How To Dress Like Your Favorite “Gossip Girl” Characters

If you’re as obsessed with the fashion from “Gossip Girl” as I am, I have a little secret you’ll want to know: you don’t have to be rich to dress like the characters from the show. The main characters have distinct styles that you can recreate with items that you most likely already have in your closet. Whether you’re a preppy Blair or a sexy Serena, here are some tips for how to dress like your favorite “Gossip Girl” characters without spending like an Upper East Sider.

Blair: Queen B’s style is the perfect blend of preppy and chic, as she mastered the school girl look with sophistication and elegance. When creating Blair-inspired outfits, wear patterns such as florals and polka dots and include pops of bright colors. Break out your blouses, blazers, pleated skirts, tights, dresses, heels and long-fitted coats, as these are all pieces that she often wears on the show. Her style is also inspired by Audrey Hepburn, which you could see in her feminine accessories. You could implement that femininity into your outfits with dainty jewelry or elegant gloves. Of course, no Blair Waldorf-inspired outfit is ever complete without a stylish headband.

Serena: Serena’s style comes off as effortlessly glamorous and always sexy, as her look is inspired by the model Kate Moss. If you want to dress like Serena, wear bold tops, pants, skirts and dresses with asymmetrical details such as one-shoulder tops or playful cutouts, with touches of sparkle. Serena knows she isn’t perfect but always exudes charm and confidence, and this shines through in her messy-yet-chic hairstyles and sassy accessories. Rock beach waves or a fun hat with some strappy sandals and a sparkly, bold necklace for a Serena-inspired look, and don’t be afraid to show a little skin!

Jenny: Without giving away any spoilers about the show’s plot, one thing I can give away is that Jenny’s style significantly changes throughout the show, but she is always a fashionista. In the beginning, Jenny, a.k.a. “Little J,” has a very innocent, girly style. If you want to dress like this era of Jenny, wear cutesy dresses with lots of soft and bright colors, ruffles and feminine yet subtle makeup. However, her style eventually becomes a lot edgier with a sexy, goth vibe. To dress like this era of Jenny Humphrey, wear lots of black clothing and dark makeup, and experiment with layering and texture through pieces like fishnets, leather jackets and edgy boots. While Jenny’s change in style was controversial, I love both of her aesthetics. If you want to get creative, try mixing elements of Jenny’s old and new style for some fun, unique outfits. 

Vanessa: Vanessa’s style is super bohemian and quirky. Unlike the other characters, she never wanted to be a glamorous Upper Easter Sider, and her outfits reflect that. To dress like her, wear flowy outfits with lots of colors and bold patterns and include denim, boots and artsy jewelry. Also, have fun experimenting with different hairstyles from curly to straight to long to short in styles ranging from flowing naturally to in a ponytail to in a bun because Venessa rocks various hairstyles throughout the show.

Georgina: The notorious Georgina Sparks is as much of a fashionista as she is a troublemaker. Her aesthetic combines Serena’s promiscuous style with Jenny Humphrey’s edgy style, as Georgina wears lots of dark colors, leather, statement jewelry, metallic tones, bold makeup and shows lots of skin. To dress like Georgina, be sure to wear leather jackets, edgy makeup, tight pants and sassy accessories like chunky jewelry and sleek sunglasses.

“Gossip Girl” is so beloved that there will actually be a reboot coming up, but the original characters will always be some of the most fashionable TV characters ever. Now that you have these tips have fun creating Upper East Sider-inspired outfits from your own clothing. XOXO ;)