How to Deal with Post-Holiday Blues

It can be extremely difficult to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. Who wants to deal with the headache of new classes and early commutes after a month of sleeping in and binge-watching Netflix shows? Although we dread the months of the winter season, there are actually great things to look forward to and positive things to reflect on during this time!

Daylights Savings

If you’re like me and suffer from seasonal affective disorder (or SAD), then the winter time is exceptionally miserable. One thing that I try to remember is that starting January, our nights start getting lighter and lighter. It might not feel like it at first, but that day when you first notice that the sun is starting to set at 4PM rather than 3PM, the days feel longer, and you’ll feel your mood start to uplift! Each day try to keep track of the how much lighter it is compared to the night before.

Try to let in as much sunlight as you can during the day. Open up your blinds, take a drive to the coffee shop, or take a walk. When it starts to get dark, turn on as much light as you can in your room and distract yourself with a movie, some music, or a good book.

Weather changes

Although February and March may still bring dreadful below freezing temperatures and snowy days, try to look on the bright side — the spring season will arrive soon and you’ll notice the weather starting to change for the better! By that time, we’ll have lighter nights, the leaves on the trees will start to grow in, and the flowers will start to bloom! Soon you’ll be wearing less layers and spending more time outside.

Try enjoying outdoor winter activities in the meantime. For example: sledding, skiing or snowball fights!

Shorter semester

The best part about the Spring semester is that it will feel so much shorter! For most, this time can actually feel the longest but try to look forward to any exciting plans and events you may have from now until the end of the semester — take spring break for example. If you don’t have much planned, then strive to make at least one social event a month that you can look forward to. It could be lunch with your best friend, a trip to the park, or a shopping day (retail therapy is always a good idea).

Look forward to the semester and reflect on how short it actually is. For example: February is the shortest month of the year and April is technically the last full month of the school semester. If you change your perspective, you’ll start to notice a change in your demeanor. These reminders can really help you feel hopeful and motivated to make it to the finish line. Instead of wishing it was over, take advantage that you get to start fresh with a clean slate. New year, new semester, new opportunities!