How to Bring the Holiday Spirit to Your Dorm Room

When it comes to dorm rooms, safety is a number one concern; specifically, fire safety. Luckily, at my school, Montclair State, restrictions for Christmas/Holiday decorations are very minimal. I personally am a very decorative person and love adding character to the room through decorations; especially for the holidays.

I love things that have cute sayings on them, so I put out signs and plaques that are holiday themed. They are perfect for a dorm because they come in all different colors, sizes and have any saying you could possibly want. The few that I have, I purchased from HomeGoods, Marshalls and Lamberts Castle Holiday Boutique.

Another great way to be festive for the Holiday season is with some cute throw pillows or a Christmas fleece blanket. It’s a comfy way to add a little something extra but subtle to the room to decorate.

If you really want to go all out, a Christmas Tree and/or wreath is just what you want. In my room, we have a fake tree with lights, ornaments and even a tree skirt. It’s four feet in height and 22 inches wide. All decorations for the tree are sold separately but since it is only a five dollar tree you should have a little cash left over for decorations. On the wall of our dorm, we have a tinsel wreath which also follows the rules of the building. Decorating a tree with your roomie can be a nice break from studying for exams!

The tree and wreath that my roommate and I have up are from Five Below and were approved during room checks, so you should have no problem if you have similar decorations. Adding little bits of holiday cheer can really lighten bring the magic of the season in your home away from home!