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Holiday Gifts Based on Zodiac Signs

If gift buying isn’t your forte or you’ve simply run out of ideas, maybe the stars can guide you this holiday season! Below is a gift guide based on the traits of the 12 zodiac signs.


Aries are known for being the most competitive and determined of the zodiac signs, so present them with a gift that’ll challenge them. 

  • Video games
  • Escape Room or laser tag tickets
  • Party games or board games


Taurus is a sign that finds joy in a soothing environment and relies heavily on the senses. Thus, gifts that create ambient surroundings and relaxation are ideal for this sign.

  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Facial/massage
  • Himalayan salt lamp or cute candles


Inventiveness, versatility, and expression are key traits of a Gemini. They enjoy keeping busy and being constantly stimulated. Keep that in mind when buying gifts for this sign!

  • A gift card to their favorite store
  • Relaxation coloring books, puzzles, DIY products
  • Indoor skydiving, Dave & Busters, etc.


For Cancers, it’s all about the home, family and cooking! Get them a gift that will spruce up their living space or help them make some killer dishes.

  • Some trendy food cookbooks
  • Fun kitchenware
  • House plants, succulents or air plants


Leos are total crowd-pleasers and love entertainment. The best gifts for them will consist of spotlights, lots of people, and glamour!

  • Broadway/concert tickets
  • Selfie Ring Light
  • Latest and trendiest makeup palette


Intelligence and organization are prominent Virgo traits. If it helps declutter or teaches them something new it’s a perfect gift for a Virgo.

  • A good book
  • Charging station or bedside caddy
  • Desk/makeup/jewelry organizer


The charmers and mediators of the zodiac signs! Libras thrive on harmony and balance but also value aesthetics and order with Venus as their ruling planet. Something that’s pleasing to the eye, yet thoughtful and genuine is an ideal Libra gift.

  • Sweet, little gifts like fuzzy socks or blankets
  • Merch from their favorite band, movie or TV show
  • Their favorite skincare or hair products


Scorpios are known for their intensity and passion, but they’re also curious and persistent. They’re fiercely independent, emotional and won’t stop until they reach the top. Consider gifts that appeal to a Scorpio’s emotions and curiosity, but that also supports their endeavors.

  • Pocket crystals, incense sticks/holder, sage smudge sticks, etc.
  • Magnetic poetry kit
  • Chalkboard wall organizer


Sagittarius is most known for their wanderlust, their desire to travel. Any gift that would aid a Sag in their travels, or that even bring other places to them, would definitely be fitting for this sign.

  • Travel backpack
  • Portable charger
  • Snacks/food from their favorite country, Homesick candles


Action-oriented with workaholic tendencies, Capricorn is the zodiac sign that’s always ahead of the game. This holiday season, get your Capricorn companion a gift that will help them in the workplace, but also guide them to let loose too!

  • Yoga mat & carrier
  • Chic business card case
  • Goal-setting journal


Aquarians are humanitarians and the free-thinkers of the zodiac signs. Try presenting them with gifts that support important causes and that give them freedom.

  • Products that are refurbished or that donate to charities, and make sure to let an Aquarius know that!
  • Disposable/Polaroid camera
  • Moleskine notebook


Dreamy, emotional and artistic perfectly describe a Pisces. Anything that promotes artistic expression is an ideal gift for this water sign!

  • Art supplies – watercolors, canvas, paint brushes, charcoal, etc.
  • Dream journal
  • Vinyl records
Kayla is a senior at Montclair State University, majoring in Communication and Media Arts. She is a beauty and fashion fanatic with hopes of working in the Beauty Industry after college. She has a knack for fine arts, enjoys writing, and is a dedicated yogi.
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