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HCM President & Editor-in-Chief: Lauren Clemente

Name: Lauren Clemente

Year: Junior

Major: Communication and Media Arts

Hometown: Bogota, NJ


When I think of what it means to be a girl boss, Lauren is one of the first people that comes to my mind. As a Junior in college, Lauren’s accomplishments to date are impressive – she has already held multiple internship positions and has been on the HCM e-board since the spring semester of her Freshman year. A visionary leader with a keen eye for content curation, Lauren leads her peers in implementing successful social media strategies. For the 2019-2020 school year, Lauren will assume the role of President & Editor-in-Chief for our chapter, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. We are so excited to kick off the year with Lauren as President and we’re eager to see where her innovation will take us!


HCM: What drew you to Montclair State and how did you get involved in our Her Campus chapter?

LC: Montclair State originally was not at the top of my list while applying to colleges. I applied to 12 schools – I know, crazy – and when I received my acceptance letter from Montclair, I noticed they moved my major to undeclared. I didn’t realize the School of Communication and Media required a separate application. At first, I didn’t care too much because I wasn’t seriously considering the school anyway, but my dad pushed me to apply just to see what would happen. I ended up getting accepted into the program as well as the honors program with a scholarship. I couldn’t pass up the amazing opportunity to attend Montclair State. Fast forward to the first week of my Freshman year, I was walking out of Au Bon Pain from getting lunch and I noticed a small group of girls set up at a table. I decided to go up to them to see what was going on. This was the moment I found out about Her Campus Montclair, and I fell in love with everything our chapter embodies.


HCM: What aspect of your major excites you most, and how have you been working toward achieving a career in this field?

LC: As a Communication and Media Arts major, I am excited by the fast-paced world that media is. Being that the media world is pushing out such different content every minute of every day, every class is guaranteed to be unique and ever-changing. That’s why I love being involved in an organization like Her Campus. Our tiny online magazine is preparing me for the fast-paced content people demand in which my future career will require. 


HCM: What’s something you wish you knew as a Freshman?

LC: Keep your mind where your feet are. This is something I am still trying to learn and perfect. I love to think ahead and plan for the future. I am constantly thinking about my future career and how I can get there, which is great! However, when it came to school work my freshmen year I wish I remembered to keep my mind where my feet were. In other terms, I was always so concerned about work I didn’t even need to get done yet while I was still trying to finish something that would be due tomorrow. Everything will get done, you just need to allow yourself time to breathe and keep yourself in the now.


HCM: Where do you aspire to be after graduation?

LC: After graduation, I hope to be working somewhere in New York City in the world of digital media whether that be PR, Social Media, Digital Marketing, the list could go on. My long-term aspiration is to work my way onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.


HCM: What’s your favorite Her Campus memory, and how has being a member of our chapter been a rewarding experience for you?

LC: My all-time favorite Her Campus memory was when our chapter pulled off our very first fashion show event! It was our first official event we planned months for and I could not be more proud of how it all went down. It’s moments like these that make my experience with Her Campus Montclair so rewarding. Getting to work on projects whether that be planning an event, writing an article, curating a social media post, or even running a meeting, it is such a rewarding feeling to see it all come to life and be able to leave college one day knowing I have a body of work I am proud of.


HCM: When you’re not busy being a #HerCampusCollegiette, how do you enjoy your time off

LC: I like to keep busy. I always find myself doing something and never really find time off. When I’m not being a #HerCampusCollegiette I am either in class, working at our Campus Recreation Center as the Area Supervisor of Marketing, putting in hours at my internship, or running my business that I recently started with my sister where we customize denim jackets. If I’m not doing all that, you can find me curled up under a blanket watching my favorite YouTubers – it’s the little things in life, am I right?


Under Lauren’s leadership, there are no limits to what our chapter will achieve this school year. Her drive for success is unmatched, yet she remains humble, allowing her accomplishments to speak for her. Lauren’s work ethic and innate talent are integral components of HCM’s success as a diamond level chapter. Having dedicated her time to Her Campus since her freshman year, our chapter is so grateful for all of the work that Lauren has done to make our chapter what it is today. Since her start as a member, Lauren has motivated everyone to create the most compelling content to help our chapter thrive. She is an exemplary leader who truly embodies the values of Her Campus, and we’re so thankful that she has chosen to commit her time to reach our chapter’s goals. 

Christina Giordano is a Sophomore at Montclair State University, majoring in English and Communications. She is the Co-Events Director at Her Campus Montclair and has a passion for writing and media. She has an affinity for anything with glitter on it and thoroughly enjoys a good shopping trip.
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