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HCM Co-Events Director: Christina Giordano

To conclude HCM’s e-board profile series, there was no way I could let Christina, the author of the previous profile articles, not get her own spotlight! Christina is the Co-Events Director alongside me and together we really are partners in crime. She exudes nothing but the best energy in a person that you could ask for. She is so genuine, kind, selfless, and driven. As a friend, you will never stop smiling and will feel so comfortable, even if it’s the first time you’ve ever talked. She’s relatable, hilarious and she makes it hard to say goodbye! As a leader, she is an astounding role model. Even though she is the youngest on our e-board here, you would never know because of how experienced she is. She gets things done and she does them well, and THEN SOME! Christina is trustworthy, reliable and responsible. I could claw my eyes out every time she puts herself down because she doesn’t truly see how great of a leader she is, how beautiful of a soul she has and how truly amazing of a friend she is. Christina is someone you’d like to get to know, so if you have the pleasure of meeting her, you’ve got to keep her around.


HCM: What drew you to Montclair State and how did you get involved in our Her Campus chapter?

CG: If you told me that I would’ve ended up at Montclair State when I was in high school, I wouldn’t have believed you. By the time senior year rolled around I was set on going to a school in the city to be able to maximize my college experience while pursuing opportunities in the heart of the media industry. Every school that I visited never felt like “the one” and by the time common app deadlines were approaching, I didn’t have a clear idea of which school was the best fit for me. Montclair State was familiar because I had participated in a pre-college program junior year that allowed me to receive three credits for a language gen-ed course requirement. I had such a great experience during my time at MSU taking this course, but I didn’t want to attend a school that was so close to home. After receiving a generous scholarship and hearing about how I was accepted into the Presidential Scholars Program, I decided to attend because Montclair offered me opportunities that no other college could match. Once I committed to this decision, I began to research clubs on campus that were related to my major and the career I wanted to pursue. I stumbled upon the Her Campus Instagram and applied for a position on the social media team and got it. After attending my first meeting, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to get involved in such an amazing organization. 


HCM: What aspect of your major excites you most, and how have you been working toward achieving a career in this field?

CG: I’m double majoring in English and Communication and Media Arts and I love how both majors intersect even though they seem pretty different from each other. I am particularly excited by the versatility that both degrees offer because the skills I have acquired within both majors are critical to any role in the media industry. Her Campus has been an invaluable experience in helping me work towards my career goals because everything I’ve done for our chapter has given me a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in this industry. 


HCM: What’s something you wish you knew as a Freshman?

CG: Live in the moment. I’ve always had a strong drive to succeed academically and in gaining experience in my future career and this ambition was definitely my number one priority freshman year. Even though this is positive, my focus was sometimes like tunnel vision that only allowed me to think about the future which prevented me from living in the present. If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing, it would be to balance school and work with taking time for friends to just live in the moment. You only get one college experience, so make the most of it and take every opportunity that comes your way! 


HCM: Where do you aspire to be after graduation?

CG: My immediate goal after I graduate is to secure a job at a company that values growth. What I mean by this is that I want to work in an environment where there is potential to progress as an industry leader. I’m eager to explore in-house PR, advertising and marketing to pursue a potential career path that will allow me to constantly learn. My ultimate goal is to work for a company that aligns with my values and to be fulfilled by what I wake up to do every morning. 


HCM: What’s your favorite Her Campus memory, and how has being a member of our chapter been a rewarding experience for you?

CG: Her Campus has been an extremely rewarding experience that has enabled me to make great memories with people who I know will be in my life long after graduation. My favorite memory was putting myself out of my comfort zone to plan and execute a fashion show that has become our biggest event to date. When I applied for an e-board position I had no idea that an event idea I pitched on a google form would turn into something that we would host every year. In the spring semester of my freshman year, I attended my first e-board meeting where I got to know our previous president, Emma Flusk and Lauren Clemente, our current president who was VP at the time. Both of these fabulous ladies empowered me to run with the idea I had pitched and it became an all hands on deck team effort from everyone on our e-board. I’m so proud of the success we pulled off and the positive feedback we received from the fashion show, but my favorite part of it all was becoming friends with everyone throughout the process. We went from a small group of girls who had just gotten to know one another to a team of friends who genuinely enjoyed spending time with each other. Finding friendships like this is so rare and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of something like this! 


HCM: When you’re not busy being a #HerCampusCollegiette, how do you enjoy your time off?

CG: Outside of HC Montclair, I work on campus as a Media and Metadata Assistant for the History Department and attend meetings as a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America. When I have time off, I love to go on spontaneous trips to the city with my friends and family or catch up on my favorite YouTube videos. This semester has been super busy for me so when I find a free moment I’m probably wasting it on TikTok keeping up to date watching the most hilarious trending videos on my For You page. 

Melanie is a 21 year old, senior, Communication & Media Arts major and Her Campus Montclair's Events Director. She loves listening to music, dancing, writing, drawing, doing makeup, and having fun with friends. Melanie is very extroverted and loves to go on adventures. She's constantly on social media and is always updated on her favorite Kpop bands!
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