Is HBO Max Stealing Netflix Users?

When Netflix streaming became available in 2007, thousands of people quit cable and jumped to Netflix. It slowly increased subscriber amount, gaining millions of subscribers per year. Since then other major services such as Hulu, Peacock, and Disney Plus have arrived. Out of those services, Disney Plus really gave Netflix a run for its money since it contains Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Pixar movies and shows; it also costs $3.00 less than Netflix. Disney plus gained 87 million users in just over a year and is projected to reach over 200 million in the next four years. However, Disney Plus doesn’t contain much content for adults which has resulted in people going to HBO max. 

Within the past year, many beloved shows such as Friends and The Office have left Netflix. Jumping over to the newest service HBO Max. Resulting in many people leaving Netflix just to follow their favorite shows.

People are also realizing the better movie selection included on HBO max. There are movies for loyal franchises such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter; family movies such as SCOOB!, Ice Age, Alvin and the Chipmunks. For the adults, there are romantic comedies like the Notebook, brand new action films like Wonder Woman and classic films like Jaws. It contains a multitude of blockbuster movies and HBO originals.

Show-wise other than the classics of Friends and The Office it contains HBO shows that are only accessible on premium versions of other services. Such as Euphoria, which is available on Hulu but only for premium users. HBO Max also allows viewers every episode of Game of Thrones. You would also gain access to shows that usually come with ads on Hulu such as Rick and Morty and South Park. If you’re looking for some more classic shows it contains The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Sopranos. The new services provide comedic shows like Sex and the City; dramas such as Big Little Lies; and even kid shows such as Adventure Time.

Bonus: If you’re a member of the bachelor nation HBO Max has the Bachelor Australia, Canada, U.K and New Zealand.

 Overall, HBO Max has something for everyone; and if you already have HBO with cable you have full access to the new streaming service. 

One downside is HBO Max is substantially more expensive than Netflix pricing at $15.00 per month. Also, without Netflix, you wouldn’t have access to Netflix originals like Thirteen Reasons Why or Big Mouth

So, although people are coming to the conclusion that HBO Max has better movies and shows there are things that would be missed. Although people have been loyal to Netflix for more than ten years it looks like the streaming service has finally met its match. Netflix actually dropped its amount of users just in a year. In 2019 they had 167 million subscribers but now in early 2021 they have 73 million; dropping to its lowest amount of users since 2015. Where’d those users go? It’s hard to say but maybe we should ask the 38 million HBO Max subscribers that joined the service that isn’t even a year old yet.