Halloween Movies to Watch with Your Boo

Spooky season is already here! This season is not only for the typical fall dates you post on Instagram with your boo. But as the spooky season approaches you can’t wait to get spooked out of nowhere and hold on tight to your S.O. with no excuse!

Fright Fest might be the best place to be during spooky season but wouldn’t you want some nights covered under the blankets with your boo while watching the ultimate slasher, scary, bloodcurdling thriller that both of you can enjoy? Horror movies are known for their explicit nature and great source of adrenaline, two perfect ingredients for a great date.

Don’t worry I got you covered with the top 5 scary movies you MUST watch.

1.     The Joker – The next big thing! Arthur Fleck is a mentally troubled comedian; he is neglected and ignored by society. He turns society into a screaming bloody murder, which then brings him, face-to-face with his alter-ego aka “The Joker.”

2.     Scream- Yes I know it’s a horror classic oldie but it’s a good one. You can choose any version of the classic thriller that will make you finish the movie with paranoia. The original horror film is about a young girl and her group of friends who get haunted by a mysterious serial killer called Ghostface.

3.     Truth or Dare- Ever play a game of truth or dare? A group of friends decide to play and it turns out deadly when those who tell a lie or refuse to dare get punished. You’ll think twice before playing the game of truth or dare…

4.     The Conjuring- A horror film that is hard NOT to be scared by. It’s about a family who moves into a haunted house previously owned by an accused witch who killed her own children and then herself. The family finds themselves needing to perform an exorcism or let's history repeats itself. What makes it even more horrifying is that it’s based on a true story! Ever wondered what it’s like to have a dark presence in your backyard? Well, this is the movie to watch!

5.     Coraline- Here’s an animated movie for those who are interested in cartoons and need a break from the gory thrillers. But let's not get fooled by the cartoons. Coraline is about a young girl who’s boredom in her new home drives her into a secret doorway. It leads her to discover another version of her life. Turning her adventure into a dangerous storyline, which she tries to escape to get back home and save her family.

So no matter what horror movie you pick, grab some popcorn, your blankets and your boo and get ready for a cozy, scary movie night. Horror movies are great and especially when you are watching them with someone who will cuddle you when you jump or scream. Now let’s sit back and enjoy a night of fright ladies!