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As my grandma once said, “Just like in an airplane emergency, when the mask comes down, you have to help yourself before you help others.” In other words, YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. Sometimes when we struggle with dating and running into partners who aren’t exactly right for us and may even mistreat us, it is because we haven’t fully understood a part of ourselves first.

It is time to date ourselves. Take the time and plan a date for yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy; it just has to be whatever you enjoy. Below I will list some Self-Date Night ideas to help you for your next self-love endeavor.

  1. Pick up some of your favorite food. Have you been craving anything in particular lately? Now is the time to indulge in a snack, beverage or meal of your choice!
  2. Have a self-care night. Now is the time to have a mini spa night. Whether completing your everyday skincare routine, applying a face mask or going to bed an hour early, take the time to unwind.
  3. Write a love letter to yourself. Take out a piece of paper or whip open your notes app, and start by writing three things you love about yourself. Throw in your favorite song lyrics or romantic movie quotes, and write as much as you want.
  4. Make a self-love resume. Think of all your unique qualities, and format it like a resume. For example, one can write, “20+ years of experience having a beautiful smile and being the funniest person alive.”
  5. Exercise/Go for a walk. Set a timer for 30 minutes; go for a walk or engage in your favorite activity and enjoy all of the endorphins rushing through your mind.

Overall, it doesn’t take much to fall in love with yourself again. Trust me; there is a lot to love! I hope you have the best first date with yourself, and realize you are worthy of so much love and happiness in your life.

Sarah DiPippa

Montclair '22

Hey everyone! If you are reading this page, just know you are loved and perfect just the way you are. My posts will feature a variety of topics, especially ones related to mental health and healing yourself one day at a time!
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