Getting A Tattoo

I have always wanted to get a tattoo. At first, I planned on getting my zodiac sign, Scorpio. I loved that the sign was a “M” and my name started with a “M”. When I finally got around to it, I ended up not getting that. I searched Pinterest and googled it constantly, but I couldn't find the right design. A few days before Thanksgiving, I got a crescent moon, stars, and roses on my lower calf. I stared at it forever. The pain subsided eventually and I got to show off my new ink the day after. 

There are some things I’d like to share so everybody is super prepared for this day!


This was a mistake I made that most people don’t, but I want to share anyway. When you get a tattoo, most artists shave the area so there’s not any hair in the way. I wanted to come extra prepared so I shaved it the morning of, BAD IDEA! I ended up getting razor burn so the area was super sensitive at the time of my tattoo appointment. The best advice I can give regarding this issue, don’t touch the area! Leave it be! I learned the hard way.

Talk to The Artist

You are the client of your artist. Their goal is to please you and make you happy. This is a big decision and you should make any changes you feel necessary. I know everybody says “This will be on your body for life” BUT IT IS! It’s so important you love it. 


Before getting a tattoo, I suggest watching a video on what it’d be like if you had to get it removed. It really helps you realize if you want this tattoo and accept the risks if you don’t like it one day. It’s also just good to have further knowledge of tattoos.

I hope all these tips help! I love my tattoo and they are really beautiful ways to showcase your interests and creativity. If you’re up for the pain, it’s really worth it in the end!