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Okay Collegiette, I found myself in the middle of the spring semester STRUGGLING. Now typically I am not the one to just be rebellious and drop everything to do something different, but my gal pals are. During my week of trying to prepare for my six classes and set a perfect schedule for next week, I noticed that I didn’t eat all day, I lost mad hours of sleep which led to me forgetting some class assignments. All of this stressed me out to the max and my friends began to notice, especially when I became distant. So what do great friends do? They surprise you with a girl trip!

Yes, my friends noticed that school has been stressing me out so bad that they bought all of us a ticket to the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention. This meant…road trip! I was so excited because this was my first adult road trip, and even better because I was with my girls. After an hour of excitement, my joy turned into worry because where were we going to stay, what were we going to eat, how long will the trip be? It’s alright Collegiette, along with my story I will give you quick and simple ideas to have the perfect girls trip!

Since this trip is during the school year we all made sure to schedule this trip on a weekend and get all of our homework, projects, and classwork out of the way in order to have a free weekend. So this could mean cramming everything during the week including packing. Thursday night I packed for three days, make sure to always have at least one comfortable outfit in your luggage for a comfortable ride home. Also, the day of make sure you are wearing a comfortable outfit on the way to your destination, especially if it is a long ride.

Long rides may sound boring or tiring, but Collegiette I am telling you it is the exact opposite. You have the advantage to play whatever music you want, sing your heart out with your girls, make jokes, have girl talk, and even play car games. With my girls we blasted our favorite songs while driving on the highway. Along the way we took a wrong turn, this led us into a small beautiful town where we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Sleeping arrangements are always important for a road trip. For a quick weekend trip such as mine, I would suggest staying at a friend’s home that is possibly close to your major event or activity you plan on doing with your friends. Staying in my friends home actually made us all closer. I had the opportunity to meet her family, and play fun board games, and get to know everyone, my girls and I even tested our culinary skills by serving a huge meal for everyone to enjoy.

Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for, the reason for the girls trip in the first place. We had finally reached our major event, the tattoo convention. It was amazing! I had the chance to meet with famous tattoo artists and celebrities, observe beautiful artwork, watched the amazing entertainment, and even leave with some awesome merch. Also did something even more rebellious by getting a tattoo! And what’s a girls trip without your girls not getting anything? Even my friends got tattoos and piercings. Collegiette, I always recommend for your major event to do something fun with your friends. Whether you are having a beach day, a camping trip, going to a convention or going out to party a girls trip is a must. I came back to school refreshed and back to my normal self and you can too.

Tatiana Ricks

Montclair '21

My name is Tatiana Ricks I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I enjoy learning from others and researching the latest trends, I admire self-love, books, and healing myself spiritually.
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