Get Your Own Personal Stylist with Tailor

Picking out an outfit from your own closet can be such a challenge. It can be even harder to do so if you’ve had the same wardrobe for months (or years). Oftentimes, we get bored with the clothing we own but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it, we just don’t have a use for it anymore. It seems as if all the options have been weighed and those jeans you bought three years ago from American Eagle are just not cutting it. You want to try out someplace new, or you simply need something better to go with them or else it's off to the donation box or your Depop shop. 

What if I told you that you could fix this with the flick of a finger? Literally. Tailor, where users get to choose their demographics, style, where they shop and how much they are willing to spend, is a fashion styling app. This app provides free styling services by real people, for real people. I recently just got a job as one of Tailor's online styling consultants and I want to encourage more college students to try it out or even apply to be a part of the team! The job is completely remote and it’s super convenient for actual users and people in need of styling emergencies. You can also upload photos of items in your closet and the stylist can help curate an outfit for you. 

Users have the option to send photos of outfit inspiration to give the stylist a sense of their own vision. Stylists also ask for a link to the users Instagram, Pinterest, or any other source of information that could really connect the client to the stylist. Of course, all of these tidbits of information are completely optional to give! The best thing about the Tailor app is that users aren’t conversing with an emotionless bot that may or may not get their tastes and style down right. Clients are working one on one with the Tailor consultant 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The app is perfect for any occasion – stylists can help you find a date night outfit, prom look, accessories, makeup, nail polish, casual ensemble and even curate sets of outfits from the photos provided in your closet. Another major perk is that both users and the stylists have an interface that mimics an actual text conversation. This allows for both parties to feel comfortable and text as if they are talking to a friend.

If you plan on trying the app out, you won’t be disappointed. Better yet, try and apply for a position because the pay is awesome and you can work at your own discretion. If you have extra time to kill on your train commute to an internship, plugin that hotspot and get to work. If you’re a night owl like me and nobody else is up to talk to, start typing away to your clients on Tailor. It’s really so convenient because people are using the app in different time zones all over the country so there is always someone in need of your assistance.

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