Fun Family Activities for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time to be around those we love most. Luckily, it is also the time of the year in which we get to have some days off of work & school.  Here’s some ideas of fun activities you can do with your family this upcoming holiday season!

Baking contest

Take a trip to your local supermarket with your family and pick out some cookies you all like. Don’t forget to purchase frosting and sprinkles so you can decorate them as you wish. Make sure you have some milk or hot chocolate & enjoy trying each other’s cookies and picking your favorite!

Hot chocolate & holiday movies pajama night

After a long day, just relaxing with your family is the best! Being home after a tough semester and getting to sit around with them without having to worry about homework is lovely! So, I urge you to put on your favorite pajamas, make enough hot chocolate for two movie sittings and throw on your favorite holiday movie.


What better way to cherish what you have and those you love than to give back together? Get your family together and have them all bring boxes over of gently used toys and clothes. Then drive to a local women’s and children’s shelter and make their holidays a bit better!

Ice skating

This one is simple, but ice skating is a great way to get into the holiday spirit! Put on some cute cozy outfits and get a new favorite holiday picture to frame in your living room.