Fun in the Fall

This fall is like no other autumn we’ve ever had before. Everything we do, a cute mask has to be worn. Many attractions have been closed down or changed to accommodate the precautions put in place with COVID-19. I know I can’t be the only one to be a bit disappointed with this new normal, but I can’t get too down. There are so many things we can do to enjoy this crisp air! We have corn mazes, haunted houses, pumpkin picking, and more. It’s finally flannel season so let’s go buy those warm clothes, go for a walk, just enjoy the chilly weather! This is all about fun in the fall.


Corn Mazes

Ever since 2016, I have been obsessed with going to corn mazes every fall. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I get lost in the corn (the only time I enjoy getting lost). Corn mazes are a great way to team up with your friends and family. Strategizing with them and seeing who reads maps best, you’re sure to get lots of laughs with this event. Once you reach the end, you feel so much pride! After you experience a fun time such as this, you’ll be itching to go back!


Haunted Houses

A classic way to celebrate “spooky season”: haunted houses! Talk about the adrenaline rush, walking through the haunted attraction, not knowing when something will give you a jump scare will give you a crazy amount of adrenaline. Feeling excited but nervous is such a great feeling. Huddling with your loved ones with pure freight may seem unsettling, but it’s certainly a bonding moment. No matter how scared you may be, you are bound to laugh a lot, especially after you let out a loud scream. 


Pumpkin Picking

I absolutely love pumpkin picking. I go every fall with my family and we spend the day taking pictures and picking out which pumpkin each of us feels is the right one for us. This year, my sister picked up a funky looking pumpkin. It was white and green and wasn’t very tall. It was quite abnormal. Nonetheless, she still loves it and brought it home. I picked out around, tall pumpkin. My mom chose a smaller pumpkin but very round. This fall tradition brings light to these dark times, realizing how simple the action is but how much it means to families around. I absolutely love this family tradition, and it’s so much fun too!


Take A Walk

Yes, I know. Walks are so boring, however, this isn’t the usual walk that you’re imagining. Walking in the fall time is different. When you do this, you can take in the beautiful scenery as you cuddle with your sweatshirt. Look for “crunchy” leaves and step on them. It’s lowkey ASMR andthe sound always made me smile. As the leaves start to change colors, your typical neighborhood starts to become a scene from a movie. Even walking around your college campus can be enjoyable (make sure to wear a mask!). I know at Montclair State University, the trees never disappoint me. They become all shades of the autumn colors. It fills my heart with joy, and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you. 


Flannel Season

For everyone who loves their flannels, your time is here. Get out your favorite flannel and grab your best pair of jeans. Ask anybody who knows me, I become a Pinterest woman in the fall time, with my multicolor flannel and my fashion nova jeans (shoutout to Fashion Nova, my booty appreciates you). I have about six flannels, and possibly more. I like how warm they are and how they fit the autumn aesthetic. It’s okay to dress like a lumberjack, for anybody who’s nervous. The more you look like you’re about to go cut down some trees, the more you fit in. Trust me. Flannels are warm, fashionable, and you can wear it any way you want. You can wear it buttoned all the way and your sleeves cuffed. You can undo the first two buttons and look a little edgy. I like to unbutton the whole thing and wear a t-shirt underneath. No matter which way you wear it, just make sure you’re comfortable. You won’t enjoy the fall weather if you don’t feel like yourself.