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If you’re anything like me, you probably made the most out of quarantine and caught up on or binged shows you’ve been meaning to watch since sophomore year of high school until there was nothing left. With most productions having ceased this past spring, your fave series may not be returning for new seasons until 2021. But there’s no need to cue the tiny violin just yet! Here are four series to watch this fall

Love on the Spectrum (Netflix)

There are tons of shows and documentaries that depict the difficulties in navigating relationships and dating for abled people but Love on the Spectrum shines light and represents what it might be like for people with developmental conditions. This Girls Gotta Eat podcast recommendation has been the most heartwarming and real show of the summer.

In the Dark (Netflix)

A three-season crime drama that has it all: drug lords, corrupt cops, a murder needing to be solved by a blind friend. Need I say more?

Sweet Magnolias (Netflix)

Based on the same-titled book series, this show follows three lifelong friends as they face the real world and the grownup problems that come with it. Juggling careers, relationships and kids, their strong bond keeps them all sane as they rely on each other for advice and weekly margarita nights. Filled with good vibes, this is all-around friendship goals.

The Boys (Prime)

Having just premiered its second season, The Boys is not one to miss if you love superheroes with an added twist. In this world of commercialized heroes, most of which are corrupt, it’s up to a group of men with a shared interest for revenge to set things right.

In short, these must-watch shows will have you laughing, crying, smiling and paranoid (in no particular order). Definitely check them out if your watching list needs to be refreshed!

Ana Hilario

Montclair '21

Ana graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in English. She loves reading, traveling, coffee, llamas, and the Oxford comma. Follow her on Instagram @ana_hilarious_ for good vibes and funky outfits.
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