Five Reasons Why You Need to Binge Watch NBC’s 'Good Girls'

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If you’ve been searching for a new show to binge watch while you sit on the couch with your best friends and your snacks from Trader Joes look no further! Our chapter just had the opportunity to watch the premiere of Season 3 of ‘Good Girls”, an NBC drama that will make you both laugh and cry. Good Girls - Beth, Ruby and Annie are back and ready to build an empire. Here are five reasons why ‘Good Girls’ will be your new favorite show!

  1. 1. Girl Power

    Girl power plays a huge role in ‘Good Girls!’ The characters are sick and tired of not getting the respect they deserve and being seen exactly how they want to be seen. They know that they deserve the best and only the best, and won’t stop at anything to get what they want in life for them and for their family!

  2. 2. You will be instantly hooked

    This show is packed full of drama and intense scenes. You will not be able to take your eyes off the screen because there is always a new plot forming or something crazy happening. There are always constant twists and turns so you will have to save scrolling through Instagram and Tik Tok until after the show.

  3. 3. Relatable characters

    Beth, Ruby and Annie are just your typical moms who want what is best for their families. Each character faces their own struggles such as paying for medical expenses or custody battles. They are just like me and you and want nothing more than to survive in this crazy world!

  4. 4. Fun Fashion Moments

    There is a lot of great fashion worn in this show by the leading ladies. You can find great fashion inspiration from watching and seeing the characters differing styles. Good Girls know how to slay all day!

  5. 5. Focus on family

    The largest focus in this show is on the importance of family and doing whatever it takes for the ones you love (even if that means doing some things that aren’t exactly the best).