Five New Christmas Traditions to Try

Can you believe it’s already Christmastime? Tis now the season of baking Christmas cookies and putting up the most housewarming of decorations. The activities that can be done are endless, but if you’re looking for something different and new to do as you countdown to Christmas, these five new traditions will help you, your family, and your friends be entertained for years to come.

Yankee Swap

This one is perfect to play at your office Christmas party or extended family gathering. The more people you have, the better (I recommend a minimum of six.) For this activity, everyone must bring a wrapped but unmarked gift. Whoever goes first will pick a gift (one that they did not bring) and unwrap it. The second person can either unwrap a new gift and keep it or swap the first player’s. Each person after that does the same and this continues until all gifts have been unwrapped. At the end, the first person can either swap gifts with someone else or keep what they have.

Christmas Light Contest

Grab some close friends or family members and collect some money (about $5 or so) from each. Then take a walk through your neighborhood and determine who has the best and brightest Christmas lights on the block! Gather the money and hand it to the winners or buy a prize if you prefer. Either way your neighbor is bound to appreciate the surprise!

Advent Calendar

While it may be too late to start one this year (there is always next year, of course), an advent calendar can be a tradition you pick up and continue for years to come. If you don’t know, an advent calendar is one that contains small numbered sections, one each day leading up to Christmas starting on December first. Each day will have some sort of treat that will keep you looking forward to the next one!

Christmas Pictionary

Game night just got a ho-ho-hole lot better. Split up in teams and play the classic game with a holiday twist! Have the players draw and guess Christmas themed clues from festive items, songs, and movie titles.

Charitable Caroling

Whether you admit it or not, you will find yourself singing Christmas carols this season. Why not put that to a good cause? Gather up some friends and go caroling all over town collecting monetary donations. Then, donate it all to the charity organization of your choice! If nothing else, this will help you share your Christmas cheer and joy to those that need it most.

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