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The First Steps to Adult Life: My Unconventional Plans After Graduating

It’s official. These 4 years of university went by SO FAST, but they were great. I’ve had numerous memorable experiences, networked my way to dozens of connections, and made long-lasting friendships with some of the closest people in my life today. Graduating from university is a touchy subject. We’ll miss our professors, go different paths from our peers, but certainly not miss studying overnight for exams! It’s a milestone to commemorate and celebrate this achievement of taking our first steps to adult life. During my time at Montclair State University, I reflect on the huge impact Her Campus Media has had on my life. I developed an unknown passion for writing, telling stories and social media marketing! Furthermore, I was surrounded by a team of future female leaders. As the semester comes to an end and graduation is around the corner, I’ll be sharing my plans for the upcoming months. 

After 2 years of living roughly 5 minutes from campus, my apartment’s lease will be ending on July 1st. I’ll be putting my furniture and belongings in storage, and jetting off to Europe to celebrate graduating, continue exploring, and immerse myself in local cultures. Additionally, I’ll be continuing to apply for remote and UK/EU-based jobs as I plan to move abroad in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the majority of jobs CAN be done remotely. Because of this, I’ll be taking advantage of the opportunities to work remotely while living abroad to further my dreams. 

I’ve booked an Airbnb for ONLY $700, (roughly $50 per day) for 2 weeks in my favorite part of Paris: Montmartre! Montmartre is my favorite place because of the authentic local Parisian culture, fabulous artistic history, and the Sacré Cœur church! Not only that, but they have some of the most breathtaking views of Paris from the steps of the church. Additionally, some of the best French cuisines I’ve had are in Montmartre. I’m excited to be visiting Paris and celebrate Bastille day in July! From there, I’ll work my way down to Nice and Cannes with stops in Colmar and Annecy, to admire the integration between French and German architecture! 

Cheers to the Class of 2021! We’ve worked so hard and overcame the obstacles the pandemic has brought. From online learning to an overwhelming course-load, we’ve been challenged significantly. This is a time to CELEBRATE how far we’ve come! Feel free to follow me on my adventures through Instagram @sonia.ambika. I look forward to seeing the amazing things everyone does in the future! Remember, this isn’t a “goodbye”, it’s an “I’m rooting for you and we’ll see each other later! ;)


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Sonia Anand

Montclair '21

Sonia Anand is a Senior at Montclair State University, studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Some of her passions include traveling the world, content creating, and luxury fashion. She is a dual national between the U.S. and UK and plans to hold an international career while experiencing living in different countries. With her extroverted and outgoing nature, she loves to take risks and push boundaries out of her comfort zone.
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