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Fiction or Fact: Chlorophyll Water Makes You Smell Like Sugar Plum Gum Drops?

Did you see that TikTok of the girl saying she drank chlorophyll water and ended up smelling like “sugar plum gumdrops?” Well, I did and was dying to try it! I mean what even is chlorophyll - I feel like I remember hearing about it in my 7th-grade science class… I tested it out so you don’t have to. I also learned some new info I figured I would relay to you! 


First, I’m sorry to break your heart within the first couple of seconds of reading… but I didn’t smell like a sugar plum gumdrop. Okay, so to give you the full story I ordered (and by I, I mean my mom LOL) ordered two different types of the chlorophyll: one six-pack with chlorophyll already in water bottles (I know that this isn’t sustainable - but again my mom ordered this hehe) and chlorophyll drops to add into water. The bottled water came first, and we cracked one open. Actually, it tasted pretty good, almost spear minty - but this option was expensive and not sustainable so we were happy to try the chlorophyll drops. These ones… tasted gross. I’m not sure what they tasted like but I’m not a fan. Besides the taste, after consecutively drinking the water, I found myself smelling the exact same as before. So... I decided to do a bit of digging to see what's the deal with chlorophyll! 

Chlorophyll is found in plants and is what gives them their green hue. What exactly are the health benefits of drinking chlorophyll? There isn’t actually that much research on if chlorophyll is that beneficial to people! It MIGHT help reduce your chances of getting liver and colon cancer, but again this isn’t certain because there isn’t enough research! It MIGHT be helpful to use as a natural deodorant. There isn’t enough research and evidence to back up this claim, but apparently, chlorophyll helped some individuals with the scent of their colostomy bag. The claims of it helping to detoxify the body and helping with pimples could be solely based on the fact that you are just drinking a lot more water to try and make this work, and that is what could be helping you instead!! 

If you are wondering to buy these bottles of water or droplets of chlorophyll, maybe save your money completely. After doing some reading, apparently eating a cup of spinach a day will give you even more chlorophyll and its benefits than drinking chlorophyll water! So maybe if you are still interested in detoxifying your body, and want these benefits just start drinking lots of water and incorporate some spinach into your diet! 

I feel like this was let down ahah, but it's fine - at least I got an aEStheTIc picture out of it!

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Kelsey is a senior at Montclair State University. She is majoring in Fashion Studies and minoring in both fashion design and business. She hopes this will help her boss babe dreams come true of one day owning her own swimwear brand. She loves talking all things sustainability, art, fashion and FOOD. Her go-to food is hands down pizza - it is one of the most versatile foods, duh!
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