Entrepreneurs: College Students Empowering Themselves at Young Ages

It is commonly known for successful entrepreneurs to be of ages ranging from mid-twenties to mid-thirties. However, some college business owners break that statistic and start their success earlier in life. Whether it is clothing, beauty, photography, etc. these students have built a foundation for themselves at young ages, and the college environment provides them with just enough support/clientele to get their business moving. Understand the motivation and methods these young entrepreneurs utilized to become successful business owners during their college years. 


Angel Lashes CEO

Image provided by Miriam Roberts

Miriam Roberts, also known as Mimi, is a Montclair State University Alumna who received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in retail merchandising. She has ventured off into the retail and beauty industry during her college years. Miriam is the founder of Angel Lashes and has been providing beautiful lashes for multiple beautiful ladies on and off-campus.

Her interest for the lash industry derived from her time within her Internship at Arts Unbound during the summer of her junior year where she wasn’t paid but wanted to earn some money on her own terms and have some fun while doing so. So by thinking of things females really want and use on a regular basis, what isn’t too expensive as a start-up business, and reasonable —   Miriam came up with Angel Lashes. The inspiration behind the name comes from Miriam’s middle name, Angel which means beautiful and graceful —  all that a lady would want in her lashes, beauty and grace.

Miriam believes that starting her lash business during her college years was the best decision based on her personality, social media following, and environment —  mainly because she is able to target a specific demographic of women. Knowing different people around campus and being so involved, she is able to reach out to a larger consumer audience. The college community gives her the opportunity to collaborate with other business owners on campus and allow her to be an inspiration to her peers. Her time in college has brought her great success and encouraged others in the process. 

She advises other aspiring business owners to just start your business and don’t allow a market to limit your dreams. Being hesitant because of a market is intimidating, but you’ll never know the people you’ll meet or how big you’ll get in the future. If one thing doesn’t work, try another —   it's all about trial and error. The only person stopping you is you.

You can find out more on how to purchase Angel Lashes from Miriam by visiting her Lash page on Instagram. 


Man Behind Moments By Stevo

Image provided by Steven Darius

Steven Darius also known as Stevo is a Senior majoring in Sports Marketing. Stevo is the guy on campus you look for when you want a bomb photoshoot, so with that being said he founded Moments By Stevo during his college years.

Stevo is a local photographer skilled in adobe suite editing and started photography during his freshman year of college but has built his name during his Junior year. He always had an interest in photography due to his inspiration, his father. Stevo's father is a professional photographer/videographer who he has learned everything from. His father had told him from the day Stevo was in his father’s office at three years old playing with a camera, he knew Stevo was going to be a good photographer in the future. Around his middle school years, Stevo’s father would take him to weddings where his father did his photoshoots and had Stevo take pictures alongside him. From then on his father was so impressed with his skills in photography that he offered him to work alongside him for experience and also get paid for it. Stevo’s photography journey has been a learning experience so far but he has started to take it seriously during his junior year.

Stevo most definitely believes starting his business in a college community has successfully built his brand/business. His college environment has aided in the promotion of his work as well as his name. He started doing raw images free of charge that provided tags to his photography page on Instagram. By people seeing him around campus taking photos, it strikes up conversation and Stevo promotes his business that way in addition to social media. Stevo has been extremely successful this year in terms of promotion, efficiency, and skills.

Stevo advises other aspiring business owners to know that every business is different and to not focus on the money in the beginning. Focus on your business and building your brand rather than making a quick buck. Change is based on levels of establishment, “how will you get your name out if no one knows you.” He also advises individuals to create their own business page and have people promote it in order to get your name out there. Patience is key.

You can see Stevo’s work as well has book shoots with him by visiting his photography page on Instagram.


KIN Industry CEO

Image provided by Benjamin Ganyo

Benjamin Ganyo is a Senior majoring in Finance and International Business with a minor in Economics. Benjamin has entered the clothing industry during his college years and is the founder of KIN Industry clothing. He provides quality clothing with a significance behind the brand.

KIN Industry is roman for one’s family. Benjamin’s inspiration derives from the passing of his late grandmother who had a saying, “unity of family.” Benjamin took the meaning of her saying and mixed his passion to come to an understanding that unity amongst family is a strong aspect and it's something that everyone should have.

Benjamin decided to start his business during his college years to honor his late grandmother as well as bring the community together through fashion. He finds that starting during his college years was the best opportunity that he could get because the future is not clear, but he knows where he is in the present and what he can do to move on. 

The college community has brought motivation, inspiration, and customer flow to his brand. Benjamin emphasizes that the college community is the main source of customers that are interested in his brand. Without the community, he believes he would struggle to find people of interest as well as customers. Therefore, the individuals on campus are a huge contribution to the success of his brand and will continue to be a factor in where his brand will go from here on out. Benjamin advises other aspiring business owners/entrepreneurs is to do your research and know what you are getting into. He believes that you should always pick and choose what you can overcome because there is a limit to how much we can withstand. Figure out the steps to starting a business and understand the challenges/risks. Obtain enough knowledge to be grounded is the key aspect. A lot of individuals may challenge you and things may happen but if you have a strong foundation it will be difficult to break you down, that same foundation will motivate you when times get hard. Benjamin inspires others to remember the meaning of his brand and leaves off on the note, “Kin to the World.”

You can find out more about where to purchase KIN Industry clothing and contact Benjamin by visiting the clothing page on Instagram.


Age knows no limits to success.

Each of these current or previous college students have taken a leap of faith by venturing in various businesses at young ages while building a name for themselves. Despite the obstacles they may face, each one of them has continued to grow within their businesses and inspired others to do the same.

Age knows no limit to success when you have the drive and motivation to be successful. Putting your mind to a set goal and taking the steps to get there is a mindset every aspiring business owner/entrepreneur should have. Seeing how these individuals have reached their levels of success before graduating shows that anyone has the ability to do the same. Move past the what-ifs and become your own boss.