Dressing in your Birthstone

We’re now in the month of the emerald birthstone which means it’s every May baby’s time to shine. Since it’s such a classic and beautiful color, it should be shown off in other ways besides just jewelry. 

  1. 1. Wear an emerald dress.

    Instead of your birthstone being the accent to your outfit, it can be the main color. I know I like dressing up for my birthday and wearing an emerald dress would be a very pretty way of doing this. You would definitely grab people’s attention. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about accessorizing because you can wear the jewelry you have with your birthstone.

  2. 2. Incorporate emerald into your business wear.

    When you’re in business wear I’m sure you’re wearing basic colors. Why not add a bold one into the look? An emerald blazer or blouse would have everyone complimenting your outfit but also keep you looking professional and ready to work. Since emerald is a darker color it’s appropriate for a business color palette but adds a pop to your usual looks. It’s also something that most people won’t be wearing so you’ll stand out.

  3. 3.  Have emerald be the color of your purse.

    If emerald isn’t your color you can still have it be a big part of your outfit without actually wearing it. Purses can tie a whole outfit together and an emerald one would definitely stand out. This would especially be perfect for an outfit that’s all one basic color, for example, black or white. The purse would be an eye catcher and you wouldn’t have to feel like you’re wearing something not meant for you.

You don’t have to be a May baby to do this, just trade out emerald for your own birthstone. Get creative with it and make whatever you decide to wear your style. If you wear this color enough, you won’t have to worry about people forgetting your birthday month.