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DIY: 10 Bedroom Decor Ideas

​Tired of your bedroom? Feel like it’s really time for that “new year, new you”? Spicing up your bedroom just got easier and cheaper. Now you can be organized and crafty while still being fashionable. What better way to express your personality and make your room a place you never want to leave. Here are 10 DIY bedroom decor ideas from various blogs:

Hanging Shelves

When you don’t have a lot of space to store your stuff, creating hanging shelves will de-clutter your room and bring an aesthetic feel. Industry Standard Design, shared a great way to make you’re own hanging shelves. 

2. Phone Holder  

We are all on our phones, especially at night. If you want to skip the morning after trying to search for your phone through your covers, create this phone holder and leave your phone hanging on the outlet. Here’s how from DIY Craft Tutorials.

 3. Firefly Lamp

Turn off your light and let this firefly lamp illuminate your room. Awesome Inventions has this tutorial, along with a bunch of other creative ways to use Christmas lights.

 4. Polaroid-Style Instagram Wall Art 

 Don’t let your pictures stay on your phone, display your memories. Make your instagram come alive!

5. Vintage Frame And Lace Trim Jewelry Organizer 

Tired of losing your earrings or misplacing them? This makes it WAY easier to know where they are and what you have. Here’s how to make this frame and organize your jewelry from Landeelu.

6. More Lighting Ideas

Don’t want to spend too much money on lights? This easy DIY lighting idea from DIY Projects for Teens will solve that. Tell all your friends you made that and watch their face drop.

7. Hang a Tapestry

Easy strips are life savers! You can literally hang up anything without damaging the walls. Also, this cute clothes-pin idea from Drea’s DIYs is another great way to add some style. 

8. Letter Names

Go crazy! Get creative! Put up your name or inspirational words! Here’s an awesome how-to from Rustic Decor.

 9.  Braided T-Shirt Rug 

Don’t throw away your old t-shirts. My Poppet Makes shows us how you can recycle them by creating your own rug!

10. Modern Wall Decoration

Make your bedroom come to live! Take your time with this and enjoy the process of creating. It doesn’t have to be butterflies but here’s how to get started from Lushome.

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