Demi’s Instagram Post Is Giving Us Total Self-Love

After just turning 27 years old, our nostalgic “Camp Rock” star Demi Lovato was showing us total self-love vibes in early September. Just two weeks after the pop star shared all the love that she was given for her birthday, video montages of fans wishing her a happy birthday, she started off her “new year, new me” Instagram posts on the right foot. How you might ask? Well Demi was kicking total Photoshop ASS by posting pics of her untouched, unfiltered in swimsuits, looking flawless as ever.

Showing off her curvy body, Demi is seen posing for the gram in a leopard print swimsuit, beachy hair, and a nice pair of sunnies, all in time for golden hour. The singer follows up the Instagram post with a heart-felt paragraph talking about how she’s happy to embrace her cellulite and encourages everyone to love their body unedited as well.

By starting off the post very abrupt, she states “This is my biggest fear. A photo of me in a bikini unedited. And guess what, it’s CELLULIT!!!!” Demi goes on to say that she is too a victim of editing her own bikini photos and is not proud of that. She states that she wants to start a new chapter by not meeting anyone else’s standards and not stress herself out with any strenuous diets, or workout regimens, and to be able to be a healthy version of herself on HER terms. #GirlBoss. 

After writing the most relatable post that received ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but love and support, she ended her statement off saying that she’ll be back in the studio (FINALLY!) working on a new anthem (some new girl boss Demi music perhaps?) and that even though she’s posting this body appreciation picture, that she’s still not fully in love with her appearance, but appreciating it is the best that she can do. She hopes to inspire anybody that saw the post and to love their own #celluLIT as well!

10 days after the first post, Demi poses in front of a mirror for yet another body appreciation post (yesss queen) that she captions: “No photoshop pls & thank u”. She then goes on to talk about her new favorite things which were leopard print and lime green and girl, who would disagree?

With all this body confidence love and glow, Demi Lovato’s IG account is something you need to be following so that you can have some total self-love vibes all over your feed. She is the epitome of a strong, brave, and might I say CONFIDENT queen that we’re sending nothing but love and positivity her way.