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Dear Hollywood, Start Hiring Broadway Performers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

As a film major at Montclair State University, seething rage flows through my veins every time I see a new Broadway musical Hollywood adaption pop up into my Twitter feed.

Not only do I despise unoriginal films and the never-ending torture of another reboot of a perfectly good story, but I also despise the adaptations of Broadway musicals.

It’s not because I hate Broadway by any means, but I hate Hollywood’s interpretation because they lack authenticity and charm. 

If you want to see a musical, go see it live to experience the magic of Broadway.

I think one of the main issues these film adaptations face is the lack of actual Broadway performers. The songs, dancing and acting are very unique to Broadway’s style, not Hollywood.

I believe that if the executives torturing us would just cast talented Broadway performers, I wouldn’t have to be writing this on Super Bowl Sunday and my life would be a little less filled with misery.

Take “The Greatest Showman” for example. The film was never a Broadway musical first, but it’s a musical film, and I think it’s important to highlight why it never reached its full potential. 

It was rumored that Broadway star, Jeremy Jordan, would be cast in the role that was eventually given to Zac Efron. They didn’t even let Zac Efron sing in the first “High School Musical” so how was he chosen over Jeremy Jordan? 

Same with Zendaya. I love the woman to death, but she is no Broadway extraordinaire and her voice lacks power. I would’ve loved to see someone else dominate that role.

And to top it all off with one of Hollywood’s most prolific repeat offenders, James Corden.

The menace himself has weaseled his way into 90% of musical film adaptations in the last decade without an ounce of talent or likeability. From the monstrosity that is “Cats” to his unnecessary cameo in “The Prom,” I feel it is almost a crime for him to be in more musical productions.

I just thank the powers above he wasn’t in the new “West Side Story,” but sadly, Ansel Elgort was. We can never win.

I wish for a world where Broadway actors and performers get as much recognition as the stars of Hollywood do. Not only do they sacrifice months of doing live performances, but they do it seemingly effortlessly.

They deserve recognition for all they have accomplished and can do.

If the esteemed executives of Hollywood hear me now, I beg of you, hire some real talent for these movies so I don’t have to bang my head into a wall every time you announce a cast list.

Avery Nixon

Montclair '25

A television and film major, with a minor in creative writing, and aspiring screenwriting who is taking her first step as a writer for multiple organizations at Montclair State University.