Creating Style Savvy Sundays

Every Sunday on the Her Campus Montclair Instagram page (@hcmontclair), I express my love and passion for fashion through IGTV. In these videos, I share outfit inspirations, how to style certain pieces, how to dress for certain seasons and more! Style Savvy Sundays have opened up a new door for my creativity. It’s expanded my wardrobe without even adding more pieces! Although my videos range from 1-3 minutes, creating this sort of content has taught me so much patience and knowledge.

Choosing Outfits & Pre-Editing

With all that goes on in my life, things like school, work, school/work-related assignments, spending time with family/friends, my personal life and more can get tangled up and in the way. On Sundays, I try my best to balance my personal life and creating content. I wake up early and brainstorm ideas; this is the trickiest part! Sometimes I feel too stuck and can get in my head about what I want to post or feel uninspired. I try to pull ideas from my surroundings, like the weather, my favorite pieces or just a cute outfit I saw on Instagram.  Once I find what feels right, I dress up and go out to take pics! Sometimes the weather is not forgiving, it can be super windy, cold or raining. But going out before noon is my goal for the best lighting! Taking pictures can be awkward since I’m in public and people love to stare at anything. But I’ve gotten used to it and find it funny at times. Unfortunately, there are some moments where catcalling is involved which can be so annoying, but I’ve learned to shake it off!

Apps I Use

Prior to creating SSS, I’ve never worked with IGTV or edited videos. I started from scratch and tried to teach myself how to put everything together. At first, I started off by using Insta stories but noticed it was time to make my content more personalized. I film on stories, add some cute details, then head to my favorite app, Canva. On Canva I can make my pictures into gifs, create designs and more! Once I finish editing each outfit picture one by one, I mash everything together. After looking through dozens of apps, I found the perfect one; I began to edit with Videoleap. This app allows me to merge multiple photos and videos into one. After saving my content, I’m all done! 

After brainstorming, picking out outfits, taking pictures, dressing and undressing three times, filming my intro/outro, editing them, editing my photo layouts, and merging everything together, it takes me about 2-4 hours! Sometimes I need to take breaks and change up an outfit, the sun goes away/rain begins or completely switch my topic because I think of a better idea!

Style Savvy Sundays are so much fun and have also educated me on my own love of fashion and styling! To watch, check out our Instagram page