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Campus Cutie: Jennifer Machin

Name: Jennifer Machin

Major: English with a minor in Journalism

Hometown: North Bergen, New Jersey

Age: 21

Grade: Senior

Favorite Quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." — James Dean

Dream Job: (I have many! Lol) Writer for MTV or Nylon magazine/ celebrity interviewer/ song writer/ or published author 

HCM: Why did you chose Montclair State University? 

JM: I liked that it was different from my hometown but close enough for me to commute. I saw it as a mini escape for a couple of hours. I also fell in love with the campus when I first visited. 

HCM: What are you involved with on campus?

JM: As of now, I'm only involved with writing for Her Campus and Neon Luxe which is a magazine in the works. Previously, I've written for the Wired Jersey website which I plan on doing again. 

HCM: How did you first find out about Her Campus and how did you get involved?

JM: A friend told me Her Campus was looking for new writers and she sent me the link to apply. I filled out the application, sent in writing samples, and fortunately got the position. I love Her Campus because it gives us the freedom to write about anything. Lately, I've been into writing music related articles the most.

HCM: What are you looking forward to next semester?

JM: Since I'm done with all my major classes after this semester, I'm looking forward to having the little break from my major and exploring. But overall, graduating would be the thing I'm most looking forward to.

HCM: How do you plan on spending winter break?

JM: I plan on visiting the city as much as I can and catching up on sleep. I plan on using the free time to catch up on my reading and writing too.

Just your normal freshmen student at Montclair State University who studies english/ communications and has a serious love for puppies and pumpkin spice coffee.
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