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Campus Celebrity: Rosenny Martinez




Collegiettes, meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, Rosenny Martinez! Originally from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, Rosenny moved to the United States just five years ago and has been making a positive impact in New Jersey communities ever since. During this past Thanksgiving break, I had the pleasure of sitting down with her for an interview. Here’s what she had to say!

HCM: Why did your parents make the decision to move your family from D.R. to the States?

Rosenny: Moving to the United States meant more opportunities for advancement and therefore a brighter future. Not only that, but when we were back home in D.R., we already had family living in the U.S. It’s all about being able to live a better life.
HCM: Where do you live now? 
Rosenny: I live in Paterson [NJ].
HCM: Do you ever miss being back home?

Rosenny: Of course I miss being back home sometimes. I still have family and friends over there. That doesn’t mean I don’t love it here, though, because I do.

HCM: Why did you choose to come to Montclair?
Rosenny: Montclair was my first choice because it had everything I was looking for in a university. It offered more opportunities to me than any other school. When I was in high school, I was in a program called the Upward-Bound Project and it was there that I was introduced to Montclair. Now, I work for them!
HCM: For those who may not know, what is the Upward-Bound Project?
Rosenny: It’s a program dedicated to delivering educational opportunities to high school students, a lot of whom will become first-generation college students.
HCM: What do you do there?

Rosenny: I’m a Student Facilitator. During the weekdays, it’s my job to handle paper work and to keep in constant contact with the high school students and their counselors. I personally call the students to make sure that they attend the program on the weekends and to let them know about any updates that might’ve happened and I call their guidance counselors at their high schools so that I can make sure I have their report cards. On the weekends, when they’re attending the program, I sit in on their tutoring classes with them to help them and the teachers, should they need anything.

HCM: Are you apart of any other organizations on or off campus?
Rosenny: Not this semester. All of past semesters, I was a part of the Latin-American Student Organization (LASO) and the Financial Literacy Leadership Program (FLLP). I also do community service.
HCM: What is your major, and what do you hope to do with it in the future?
Rosenny: I’m studying International Business. I’m working on becoming a businesswoman because I want to work at a big corporation that implements my interests and my studies – one that I will be proud of.    
Best of luck to you on your bright future, Rosenny!
Photo Credit: Rosenny Martinez
Imani is a full-time junior student attending Montclair State University where she majors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She is happy to be the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the Her Campus Montclair chapter!
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