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Campus Celebrity: Rajhon White

Major: Communication Studies with Organizations

Minor: Leadership

Birthday: December 17th, 1993

Hometown: Buena, NJ

Year: Senior

Quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Advice to Incoming Freshman: “Get involved! Even if you’re introverted, find your niche because there is something for everybody.”

Her Campus Montclair had the opportunity to sit down with Rajhon White, a young man of many hats at Montclair State University. While he spends his daily life as a dedicated student, he spends the rest of his college career as an equally passionate leader. Rajhon is currently the President of the SGA (Student Government Association), an RA in Blanton Hall and he is also an Admissions Ambassador. Throughout his four years at MSU, he has also been a part of several other committees. As you can see, Rajhon is definitely no stranger to success.

According to him, winning the SGA presidency was one of his biggest accomplishments within the last four years at Montclair State because to his knowledge, there hasn’t been an African-American president within the last 20 years. Rajhon emphasized that although he ran alone in the Presidency campaign, “Winning the SGA President position meant a lot. I had a large support base of people advocating for me, even though I didn’t really need it. This meant to me that since I’ve been here, I’ve made a community of friends who were able to support me through everything.

HCM: Being that you have held some amazing leadership roles, what is one of the biggest misconceptions about you as a student leader?

RW: People assume that because of our positions we get more perks than others and that we don’t have to worry about anything, but when it comes to the SGA, that is actually not the
 case. Many people also assume that we get a full ride scholarship to college, but we actually don’t get paid during the school year. The only time we do get paid is during university breaks when students aren’t required to be on campus. If anything, the biggest perk is that being president comes with having your own office but the perks are not what others often assume.

HCM: That is definitely an eye opener because I too believed you all had more perks! Why did you choose Montclair as your home away from home for the past four years?

RW: Fun fact, MSU is the only school that I applied to which means I put all my eggs in one basket. At one point I walked onto campus, not even for a tour, and I instantly felt at home. Not to mention that I’m from a small town in South Jersey and MSU is so close to New York. I knew that there was a bigger world out there and that Montclair would give me access to that world.

HCM: Same! I totally felt at home the minute I stepped foot on campus as well. Well, in regards to college as a whole, what will you miss the most about MSU?

RW: I think I’ll miss the involvement. Honestly, it’s so easy to get involved and that has really shaped my experience overall. Also, making new friends, having new experiences, and 
learning so much from the people that I’ve gotten to meet because of that involvement.

HCM: What is your favorite spot on campus to unwind?

RW: Blanton’s front desk! I’ve cried my eyes out at that desk but I’ve also cried tears of joy there too. It’s seen the good and the bad of me. Plus, there’s always someone there to talk to and it’s great to hang out there overall. I’ve gotten to meet different people and the atmosphere is great.

HCM: You’re a very animated person, so if you were an animated character, who would you be 
and why?

RW: I would have to say Suga Mama from “The Proud Family,” because she’s one of those 
characters who has a tough exterior but she has so much love for her family. If I’m giving you a dirty look that means I like you and that also means I enjoy the conversation that happens after the dirty looks. Also, she is quiet when she needs to be but loud when she needs to be. I feel like I have that piece of her character in my personality because I can be loud when needed but also very professional.

HCM: Who’s you celebrity twin?

RW: Kyle Massey.

HCM: If there was a movie about you, what would you name it?

RW: Agape; it’s a biblical term used to express God’s love for man and I would want it to be named that because I would want it to express the love and passion I have in life. I want 
people to know and remember I was that person who had great passion for life and for people.

HCM: What do you think is more important to have in order to succeed, ambition or potential?

RW: Ambition because as people we already have potential. In my opinion we are born with the potential to do great things, the atmosphere and culture we’re in is what shapes it. Ambition is what drives that potential. Potential is the car and ambition is the key to that car. Ambition can be dangerous but use the potential you have to do great things to be who you want to be.

HCM: How do you define success?

RW: I don’t have a bar for success per se. Especially with this role, I gauge each event or opportunity to engage the campus in different ways. I don’t have one standard for what it means to be successful, but there is a certain energy that qualifies it as success for me. I’m more concerned with the satisfaction of those who attended the event and just the atmosphere of positiveness overall.

HCM: What has inspired you the most to keep pushing forward throughout college?

RW: The fact that my direct family has invested so much in me being here. So while they’re working hard to keep me here, they are still supporting me emotionally and financially. Also, they’ve never put me in a position where I had to choose whether to remain in school or go back home. So, their my biggest motivation because if I were to mess up it’d be a slap to them in their face.

HCM: Last but not least, what are the top three things you have learned in college that you weren’t directly taught in class?

RW: The power of my voice, I think it goes back to the way I was raised but I didn’t always feel like I could speak, but coming to MSU I learned that I had to speak up. I also learned the impact of having to speak up. Also, I learned to love myself and appreciate every experience, whether it’s a negative or positive one which I believe helps you grow even more.

It was a pleasure getting the chance to learn more about President Rajhon White. With his phenomenal passion for life, we know Rajhon will continue on the road of success throughout his future endeavors. Before we parted ways, we asked Rajohn what would his footprints in the sand of life say to the future world and to that he responded with “I want to be remembered by love. Through the passion I’ve had for everything in life. The biggest thing I say to people I work with is that if you need to say something, you have me here to hear you out. I don’t want to just write you off. I may not agree with anything you said but you will walk away with knowing that someone genuinely cared for what you had to say. I don’t know my specific purpose but I know I have one and I am very passionate about life.”

Thank you for that Rajhon! We are sure that your family, dear friends, and the MSU community are all proud of you.

Sophonie whom is best known as Sophie, is a Graduating Senior at what she likes to call "the best school on this side of town," Montclair State University. In her words, MSU's slogan is not far from the truth because she belives it is definitely all here! Sophie is a Psychology major and a double minor of Creative Writing & African-American Studies. Her first love is reading and second love is creating writing. This is 4th Semester as a writer for HerCampus and she couldn't be happier to still be a part of such an amazing group of young, talented writers. One of Sophie's many future goals is to become a published author.
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