Biggest Shoe Trends of 2020

The new year is always the start of new trends. This past decade we’ve seen many trends go in and out with every new year. One of my favorite changing trends every year is shoes, and I’m here to tell you all about 2020’s biggest shoe trends. This past year we saw trends such as chunky sneakers and animal print shoes, now in 2020 while those elements are still trendy the big shoe trends are all about flats, heels, boots and practicability. 




Flats are coming back in strong, they’re probably the most practical shoe and they can make any outfit cute depending on what type of flat you wear. Some big ones for the upcoming year are loafers and chunky sandals and sneakers.  This past year the runways were flooded with various designs of these types of shoes. All of these types of shoes are staples in your closet depending on the season, but the twist on these classic shoes such as a chunky sole/heel or asymmetrical design makes them that new trendy look for the upcoming year. You can get these shoes from a variety of stores and prices some cute ones I have found are Nordstrom, Dr. Martens and ASOS




Another shoe that’s big in 2020 is boots. Boots are a fall/winter staple, they go with every outfit in your closet. The past few years chelsea boots have been the big trend, they still are trendy and cute but for 2020 boots with a chunky heel or a more square toe and wider shaft are what you should be looking for. The square toe is a trend from the 90s that, like denim, is making a comeback. It’s all part of that asymmetrical look a lot of designers have been leaning towards. You can get boots from anywhere and they all range in price, you can get some super affordable ones or if you’re willing to splurge you can. Some that I have found are Dr. MartensASOS and NastyGal






The last big shoe trend for 2020 is heels. Heels are classic, they’re a staple at any time of the year, this upcoming year just like the other shoes we’ve seen the trend for heels is chunky heels and asymmetrical designs and patterns. Just like boots, heels this year are ranging from fun chunky heels to square or pointy toes, heels are also very strappy this upcoming year. They’re also coming in fun bright colors, neon is in and the heels are representing that. Heels are also coming in different styles this upcoming year, they’re being worn with solid colored tights or socks for a different look or style. Some heels I’ve found a range in price and can be bought anywhere, some I’ve found are PrettyLittleThing, ZARA and Lulus


Year to year trends are changing. While some things may stay the same, things are always changing to stay fresh and different. Shoe trends change every year, there’s always some new design or style to try every year, 2020 is going to be a fun year for shoes with all the fun trends coming into our closets.