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The Best Ways to Style Loungewear According to These Style Influencers

Loungewear is all I live in nowadays. I have always preferred sweats and leggings over jeans because I value comfort over anything. But fashion has changed so much and as it continues to change, there are many ways to style loungewear pieces to achieve a stylish AND comfortable look. Over the six month quarantine, Instagram style influencers have been sharing their favorite ways to style loungewear pieces, as it was the only thing to be worn at the time. Popular style influencers such as Alicia Roddy (@lissyroddyy), Keri Fay (@kerifay), Viktoria Hutter (@viktoriahutter) and Julia Havens (@jujhavens), just to name a few, have been my style inspirations over this quarantine period and have given me insight on how to be creative with my style. Here are a few different ways to style loungewear according to these style influencers.


Alicia is one of my biggest style inspos! Her style is a blend between sporty chic, streetwear and preppy. I’m obsessed with the way she coordinates her outfits and how unique a lot of her pieces are. Just by looking at her Instagram, it could be said that Alicia is known for matching sets. She loves to mix her athleisure with a bit of chic and feminine elements such as gold chains, designer sunglasses and handbags. Most of her outfits are from Zara or designer brands. In the second photo, Alicia is wearing a pajama set! Who would’ve known? If you’re someone who values comfort over anything and prefers to wear sweats and leggings, then these athleisure looks are for you! Now there are so many ways to spice up basic leggings or joggers.


Julia is the loungewear queen and is another one of my big style inspos on IG. I would describe her style as a mix of sporty and sexy. She loves a neutral color palette and chunky jewelry pieces. According to her looks on Instagram, a lot of her loungewear consists of biker shorts, joggers and crop tops. Julia also loves basics from Boohoo and Missguided! Although she does like a matching set, she’s most seen mixing and matching pieces to create various looks. Julia loves wearing oversized flannels or sweatshirts over a crop top, and leggings for added comfort. She’s also known for pairing chunky gold hoops with her athleisure for an added feminine, chic and sexy look. Her looks are so versatile which I think is important in anyone’s wardrobe! Check out Julia’s YouTube for style guides on how she loves to shop and style her athleisure.


Keri is a fellow New Jerseyan! She loves wearing her loungewear and athleisure pieces with blazers! Keri’s style is chic yet very streetwear based. Most of her loungewear looks include joggers, a hoodie and a pair of Nikes with an oversized blazer on top. It’s a very European look as most of the street style in Europe consists of mixing sporty and business casual. She’s also seen mixing her loungewear with boots and nylons for a dressier vibe.


Viktoria’s style is extremely chic and elegant but also a little bit edgy. She makes anything look classy and posh! A lot of her wardrobe consists of classic and designer pieces. The way she styles loungewear is very simple, yet incredibly chic and trendy. Viktoria’s go-to look for loungewear tends to be geared towards preppy with a very neutral color palette. She loves either black, white or beige monochromatic looks and sometimes adds a pop of color. I love the look of adding a light overcoat with basic loungewear for a put together and classy look.


Danielle’s overall style is much more trendy, boho and girly with a lot of pastels. Her wardrobe tends to consist of mostly florals and flowy pieces, yet she styles them so uniquely. Her go-to pieces for loungewear are biker shorts, joggers and graphic tees. She loves to pair them with an oversized denim jacket or blazer on top. She’s all about the chunky sneaker trend and loves adding that to her loungewear outfit!


I love Kelsey! Not only do I love her style, but I love how body positive and real she is. Her overall style is trendy, chic and effortlessly cool. A lot of Kelsey’s loungewear consists of sets, tie-dye and leggings. A lot of her pieces are extremely cozy and comfortable... I mean isn’t loungewear supposed to be?? She loves a good legging and sports bra set with a comfy sweatshirt or hoodie on top! Kelsey also loves to style her loungewear with a crossbody bag or belt bag for an added sporty look.

Alexa Rae is a Jersey girl with a passion for fashion. She is a Montclair State University alumna with a BA degree in Fashion Studies and minor in Fashion Merchandising. Alexa was a writer for HCM for 4 years, having concentrated on fashion and lifestyle related articles. Her future career goal is to have her own successful fashion brand.
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